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Wargaming Initiative NATO 2024

We are deeply honoured and incredibly proud to announce that Thin Red Line Games has been officially invited to the Wargaming Initiative NATO 2024, to be held in Hamburg under Bundeswehr patronage.

You will maybe remember that we attended NATO WIN23 in Rome last year in a less “official” role, so this is an important confirmation for all of us.

Following NATO guidelines for the event, Anthony Morphet and me will bring a specifically tailored 1985:Sacred Oil scenario. Anthony will take the umpire / national governments role, I will take command of the Soviet Union and Iraqi forces, while the NATO participants will lead a multi-national coalition facing a complex cold war crisis in an unfriendly or outright hostile strategic theatre.

There is no official NATO site yet, I will post more info as soon as they are available and unclassified. Also, we could possibly publish the scenario used after the conclusion of WIN24, of course should NATO agree with that.

What else could I say…..Time for multiple beers, and bombs away!

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1985: Mutual Assured Destruction VASSAL

If your idea of fun is taking strategic and operational decisions in a global conflict that could lead to the destruction of the known civilization, nothing can be worse than 1985: Mutual Assured Destruction.

With operational maps covering from Murmansk to the Persian Gulf, a strategic map covering the whole world, and thousands of units including practically every naval, air and land unit from NATO, Warsaw Pact and other key countries, 1985:MAD VASSAL will give you the chance to forget about work and marriage, and to concentrate on what really matters: The Third World War and its definitive outcome.

Go to the 1985:Mutual Assured Destruction page to obtain your combat equipment.

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Now, The Fate of All Will Be Decided.

Citizens, lend me your ears! The most audacious endeavour of our times has begun, as the armies of the Hellenic League march toward Asia, led by the Hegemon and King of Macedonians, Alexander!

Do not hesitate! Be one of the few who could tell to his grandchildren “I was there, in Babylon, with Alexander!”
Visit the following temple to ask for Ares’ blessing, and take your place in the ranks of the phalanx!

You may also properly prepare yourself, by reading the Tables of Laws.

If your heart is still hesitant, find more about your Fate by consulting the following Oracle:

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The Fate of All – Designers’ Notes

The Oracle of Ammon has finally deciphered the omens, and announced the day is propitious to offer a deer to Athena and distribute the Designers’ Notes for The Fate of All!

The Oracle also pronounces a warning: Ares is displeased, for vacancies remain in Crateros’ phalanx.

Shall we dare risk His wrath? Secure your place and appease the God of War by sending a votive tablet to !

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The Fate of All at San Diego HistCon

Citizens and Companions!
Saturday February 3, at a vaguely inappropriate and Europe-centred 3 PM Paris Time, Anthony Morphet and I will discuss The Fate of All in the Discord agorà.

The Thesis, Antithesis and Synthesis will be presented on the SDHistCon Discord Server, in the Thin Red Line Games space.

More info on the San Diego Historical Convention can be found here.