1985: Mutual Assured Destruction

1985: Mutual Assured Destruction combines 1985: Under an Iron Sky, 1985: Deadly Northern Lights and 1985: Sacred Oil into a single, die-hard, collateral damage inducing campaign codenamed To Shatter The Old World.

Please note that right now 1985: MAD is not a new physical product, but a downloadable add-on. Three different campaigns are included, all having Central Europe as the most important and decisive war theatre:

  • Campaign 1: UAIS + DNL + SO
  • Campaign 2: UAIS + SO
  • Campaign 3: UAIS + DNL

Mutual Assured Destruction also adds new aspects having a significant impact on the conduct of operations. Some examples are:

  • Operation Volgograd: Warsaw Pact must decide among three different mobilisation time schedules, each with its own pros and cons.
  • Strategic Transport Points: Warsaw Pact railroads and heavy lifters capacity, limiting the strategic movement of the troops.
  • Carrier Battlegroups: NATO CVBGs from 1985:DNL are now represented down to the single vessel.
  • NATO Mobilisation: NATO could react to the growing tension by forward deploying and finally mobilising.

Last but not least, the layout has been changed and several rules reorganized using a (hopefully) better logic.

MAD Rules

1985: Mutual Assured Destruction Rules, v11

1985: Mutual Assured Destruction Campaigns, v14

Additional MAD Counters

A dozen new counters have been added:

1985: Mutual Assured Destruction Countersheet, Front

1985: Mutual Assured Destruction Countersheet, Rear

For those preferring to prepare their own countersheet, here’s the single picture for each counter: