1985: Mutual Assured Destruction (version 3)

1985: Mutual Assured Destruction allows to combine 1985: Under an Iron Sky and 1985: Deadly Northern Lights into a single, die-hard, collateral damage inducing campaign codenamed “To Shatter The Old World”.


1985: Mutual Assured Destruction Rules (v6, 04/21/2021)

1985: Mutual Assured Destruction Campaign (v3)

1985: Mutual Assured Destruction Japanese Rules (v1)

CONUS Convoys Counters (MAD)

Each counter represents a CONUS convoy and its escort ships. See Rule 63, CONUS Convoys.

UK 1st Infantry Brigade Alternative OOB (DNL, MAD)

During development, we had long discussions about the OOB of UK Mobile Force, AKA 1st Infantry Brigade.
Co-Designer Anthony Morphet is a strong supporter of the version presented by these alternative counters, giving 1st Brigade more flexibility and firepower. As he was part of the Brigade’s Command Staff during the represented period, his opinion cannot be easily ignored 🙂

Additional Counters Ready To Print

Thanks to Bill Ramsay, all the above counters in pdf, Ready-To-Print version!

Satellite Images!

Thanks to the Hero of the Soviet Union Antony Birkett, we also have a couple of snapshots of the To Shatter the Old World campaign set-up!