1985: Under an Iron Sky Additional Counters

US F-117 4450th Tactical Group

In July 1985, F-117 was still a secret being tested by 4450th Tactical Group at Nellis Air Base, Nevada. Had an all-out conflict with Warsaw Pact started, it’s more than possible that this small but dangerous squadron would have been transferred to Central Europe, ready or not.

4450th Tactical Group Counter, and Stealth Missions additional rules:

West Germany Pershing-1 SSM Wings

Ralph Morton, a 1985: UaIS owner and NATO Insider, pointed out that Luftwaffe maintained two Pershing-1 SSM units until 1991, with nuclear warheads under US control. Should tactical nuclear weapons be authorized, they would have been an additional nuclear delivery platform available to NATO Commander.

West German Flugkörpergeschwader 1 SSM Counter:

West German Flugkörpergeschwader 2 SSM Counter: