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“1985: Under an Iron Sky” Print – Maps!

The 3 big maps you’ll find in the box! Actual size 180×95 cm, matte plastified paper.

Main Maps + Booklets + Airfields Charts
North & Central Maps + Booklets
Denmark + Booklets
North & Central Map details
Our worst enemy is interested too
Main Maps + Booklets + Charts again
CENTAG area details
CENTAG area details
Frankfurt area
Liepzig area
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“1985: Under an Iron Sky” – Production Print

Production print for “1985: Under an Iron Sky” is completed! Here’s some random snapshots, taken with an average quality mobile phone.

In other news: Site is now using SSL, and PayPal / Credit Cards payments have been tested 🙂

Scenario Booklets
Box Art
Rules Booklets x200
Rules Booklet
NATO Airfields Charts
Colour Check Desk
Counter Sheets 1, 2, 7 and 8
Counter Sheets 3, 4 and can’t remember