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1985: Under an Iron Sky is now in production print.
Heavy troop movements expected along the Inner German Border in a few days.



17 thoughts on “DEFCON 3

  1. Looking forward to it.

  2. Yes! Bring on those lousy Commie hordes! We’ll nuke’em till they glow!!

    1. Watch out, they Uncontrolled Strategic Escalation rule could reserve nasty surprises! 😉

  3. I am very excited to order this. Thank you for such great work.

    1. PMGeuze, I hope we’ll open the virtual ship here in 7-10 days…we’re almost at the finish line!

  4. I want ordered this game!!!

    1. Giuseppe, the shop should open in a few days 🙂

  5. I never got to own The Next War, so I’m looking forward to this very much!

  6. Guys,

    I can’t wait. I am so excited about this game.

    How are things progressing?

    1. Dom,
      the last batches of production print (95×62 maps matte plastification and folding, counters matte plastification and die-cutting) should be completed in a few days.
      Following that, we’ll have to ship 250 copies to our fulfillment agency in US, probably by sea; this will allow us to keep shipping costs low for US customers (from 10 to 24 $, depending on shipping address)
      When the copies arrive in US, we’ll be all set and open the online shop 🙂

      1. Thanks for the reply.

        I am ready. I think you already have me down for a preorder copy.

        Just in case you don’t set one aside for me.

        Donato Lacerenza
        Pittsburgh, PA.

        1. Yep Donato, you’re already in the reserved copies list 🙂

          1. AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!

  7. I am going to order this when available in the US.

    1. Thanks for the interest Shawn! I’ll make a public announcement here and on the usual media (FB groups, BGG, My blog, etc.)

  8. I don’t know whether or not I pre-ordered this or not.😕
    Is it available yet? I can’t find any charges yet.

    1. Dan,
      the online shop opened a few hours ago!
      I don’t have your name in the “reserved copies” list, but you should be able to grab one without problems.

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