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“1985: Under an Iron Sky” Print – Maps!

The 3 big maps you’ll find in the box! Actual size 180×95 cm, matte plastified paper.

Main Maps + Booklets + Airfields Charts
North & Central Maps + Booklets
Denmark + Booklets
North & Central Map details
Our worst enemy is interested too
Main Maps + Booklets + Charts again
CENTAG area details
CENTAG area details
Frankfurt area
Liepzig area

10 thoughts on ““1985: Under an Iron Sky” Print – Maps!

  1. Excellent looking maps.

  2. How do I order?

    1. Hi Don,
      the game should be available in a few days (hopefully)…
      At that point you’ll be able to buy by using the “Shop” menu and the standard PayPal / Credit card channels.

      Thank you for the interest!

  3. This looks great, I really would like to order. Please let me know when.

  4. Hi there, my name is John Trevillian. I will definitely purchase this when available. Please notify me when it is!

    1. In a few days we should open the online shop….get ready!

  5. Waiting for DEFCON 1

    1. Gordon, Doomsday clock is ticking!

  6. When will 1985 be available again? Thanks!

    1. Hi Matteo,
      we don’t have a reprint scheduled yet, it will depend by the number of requests….If you wish to help in that direction, there’s a “Reprint?” thread on BoardGameGeek:

      BGG Reprint Thread

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