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DEFCON Level has been raised to 1. Move to combat position.

Latest developments of the situation in USSR and West Germany can be found here:



28 thoughts on “DEFCON 1

  1. Outstanding, how long do those of us that have the game reserved have to get there Copy ,I do not get paid till the 18th this month . Just inquiring

    1. Gordon, I’ll keep your reserved copy safe until 18th 😉

  2. I reserved a copy through Boasrdgame GeeK. How do I pay for it and get it in the mail?

    1. Joseph,
      I’ve received your payment a few minutes ago so I presume everything is ok.
      I’m now processing orders, shipping will begin shortly 🙂

      1. Yes, thanks!

  3. I have a reserved copy, how do I pay you for It?
    Do I simply purchase it from the shop? or is there another procedure for reserved copies?

    1. Hi Ancalagon,
      you simply purchase it from the shop, but I’m keeping a limited number of copies apart for covering reservations buying a little late.

  4. Are payments processed as a Euro payment or in US $ ? US customer asking. Thanks

    1. Stephen,
      orders are sent out in Euros, all the currency conversion is automatically handled by PayPal.
      Current PayPal exchange rate should be around 1 euro = 1.19 US$

  5. Hi- Is the 67.48 Euros shipping correct for US buyers? You had stated you were getting a US based agent to ship from? $83 US shipping is a little steep to put it mildly for a game that would fit into a $13 US post office flat rate box. Please advise.

    1. Mike,
      No it’s not correct. Where do you live?

    2. Ok, we had a problem with shipping rate calc for Montana, now fixed.

  6. I had reserved a copy and have just paid for for the game. I have order 422. Just to let you know.
    Look forward to the game !

  7. Checked pay pal, they are charging about 1.27. Is that correct? Cost plus shipping to Florida came to 178.74 Euro. paypal wants to charge $228.78.

    1. Stephen,
      I have no control whatsoever over the exchange rate applied by PayPal.
      A quick search on Google told me that the official exchange rate is now 1.24$ = 1 euro, so it’s unfortunately not too distant from reality.

  8. Got it figured out, looks like Paypal charges a fee. Order sent! Thanks for the help.

  9. Hello Fabrizio,

    I just paid for my reserved copy. Please let me know that the transaction looks good on your side. Thanks.

    Michael Holmes

    1. Michael,
      Everything ok here!

      Thanks for your interest and for buying!

  10. Fabrizio,

    Sent my payment yesterday. I should be on your reserve copy list,January 3. I noticed my order was #432. Did you not say the print run was to be 400 and I would assume some over run?

    1. Hi Stephen,
      the order numbering started from more or less 250 for reasons I cannot discern………we had some test orders, but not that many.

      Maybe it’s a built in code to avoid sending out a not too reassuring “Order nr. 1” 😃

  11. Watched the unboxing video on the Big Boardgaming YouTube channel, looks like you have done a really great job. The channels host seemed suitably impressed ! Having been unemployed for a year, I was unable to back this game , but now , with a restored income, the game has definitely been added to my wish list.

    as the Klingons would say, ” Kaplah !!! “

    1. Thank you Paul!
      I hope you’re from Europe, as our US inventory practically evaporated and we’ll be forced to close US sales soon….

  12. I am in the US and reserved a copy on BGG but won’t be able to PayPal until the 1st of May. Is this a problem as I note the previous comment that US inventory is nearly sold out?

    1. Hello Joe,
      I still have a small strategic reserve for similar cases. Don’t worry 🙂

      1. Thank you! I’ll be sure to send payment as soon as I get up in the morning – deposit is usually in the account by 0600.
        I’ve really been looking forward to your game! I used to play The Next War when I was assigned as an Order of Battle specialist for the US Army’s Wargaming Directorate and helped create the “Standard Training Scenario” for the Army. I had TNW set up on a spare table in my office and we all agreed that it was a better model than the “official” one. Also, I was assigned to a mechanized infantry brigade and battalion in Germany from 1983-86. Great memories. Thank you for all your hard work!

  13. Hi, you had my reserved copy held till today as i did not get paid till today,i am reserved copy 88. my number for reserve is 88. I am trying to pay for it today as i got paid. having a issue it will not let me .put in all info but no USA on your country list …help

    1. Gordon, I’m writing you on your private mail…check it in a few minutes 🙂

  14. Thank you Fabrizio for your help

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