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Break, Break! Alpha one, All. Disengage. Over.

At 20180423 0006 ZT last ditch defenses crumbled, leaving disengagement and retreat as the only choice.

“1985: Under an Iron Sky” is officially out of stock.

21 thoughts on “Break, Break! Alpha one, All. Disengage. Over.

  1. Bother

  2. Congratulations!

  3. Congratulations!

  4. Reprint!!!

  5. Any chance for a 2nd run?

    1. Tom,
      I have no clue at the moment….we will see!

      1. I would place an order if reprinted.

      2. I would like to add my support for a reprint please.

        1. Message acknowledged Michael 😉
          right now i would like to focus on our next game, but a reprint is not excluded. We’ll see what happens!

  6. Congratulations!! I can’t believe all 400 copies sold out in 2-3 weeks!!! Now other theaters!!

  7. Can’t believe I missed it….. Reprint please!
    Per favore ci vuole una seconda edizione 🙂

  8. Outstanding job on the whole campaign! I would like to express my greatest appreciation for all the hard work everyone put into making this possible. A great example of how a project like this should go! Can’t wait for other works in the future.

    1. Thank you Christian! Since you named it, our next game is already in development….

      C3 – Less than 60 Miles

      1. Just received today my copy!! Still at work but counting the minutes to go home to have a good look at it.

        I’m intrigued about the next game. Less than 60 miles is the distance that separates USA, Alaska, from the URSS, through the Strait of Bering. So, we can assume is “Under an Iron Skiy” going far east? (or west depending of your point of view)

        1. I’ll quote one of the best movies ever 😉
          Sir, I am unaware of any such activity or operation…nor would I be disposed to discuss such an operation if it did in fact exist, Sir.

          1. OMG!! Yes!!

  9. Fvianello,
    As you may recall, I was one of the few who was in favor of mercy for you, even though you is a Commie. Yes, I agreed you should be shot when the conflict was over and your system was destroyed, but I was firm that you should only be shot, not some of the more vicious punishments reserved for really, really bad Commies.
    Therefore, I think my requests should get a bit more consideration than just the average “Kill the Commies!!” crowd.
    Do a reprint. Please.

    1. Thomas,
      I perfectly remember your request for inflicting me a quick, painless death and consider you an exception among the degenerate American capitalists.
      I’ve taken note of your suggestion and will bring it to the direct attention of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, where it will be evaluated after the victorious conclusion of the current War of Liberation of the Oppressed People of Central Europe.

  10. Vorrei sapere quando tornerà in vendita, il prezzo di acquisto e l’eventuale modalità.
    nonostante fossi iscritto al forum, non ho ricevuto alcun avviso che il gioco fosse disponibile
    questo mi è dispiaciuto molto


    1. Ciao Giuseppe,
      Al momento non abbiamo un piano preciso di ristampa, ma esiste già su boardgamegeek un thread “reprint?” in cui è possibile far capire che un reprint è un’ottima idea 🙂
      La notizia dell’uscita del gioco (DEFCON 1) è stata pubblicata qui, su BoardGameGeek e su Bigboardgaming, ma solo chi aveva riservato una copia ha ricevuto una mail o un avviso personale.

      Mi spiace tu abbia perso la possibilità, tutto è stato molto rapido…in 10 giorni il gioco era praticamente esaurito.

  11. I just found out about this game… I will absolutly support a reprint!

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