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1985: Forward, Comrades! By Big Board Gaming (Part 1)

Kev Sharp of Big Board Gaming goes deep into 1985: Under an Iron Sky, facing “Next War” series Game Designer Mitchell Land in the “Forward, Comrades!” campaign game!

Don’t miss this epic struggle between NATO and Warsaw Pact. Ragnarok will be a trivial bar brawl in comparison.

Big Board Gaming “Forward, Comrades!” Campaign

5 thoughts on “1985: Forward, Comrades! By Big Board Gaming (Part 1)

  1. I cannot find a page where I can register a new account. I see where to log in, but not where to register.

    1. Hi again Frank,
      you don’t need to register, registration is automatic when you’ll buy a product and enter your shipping info 🙂

  2. Any time frame for the Fulda Game and Northern Lights expansion? Will you be emailing the announcement when we can order?



  3. How do I add a game to the cart? I see nothing relating other than my cart is empty.

    1. Hi Neal,
      right now there are no games in stock. The first reprint of 1985: Under an Iron Sky will be available in a few days, followed in December by Less Than 60 Miles.

      Please be aware that we usually print a limited number of copies, and experience suggests they usually sell very quickly.

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