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“Less Than 60 Miles” Designer’s Notes, Part 2

In exclusive to Big Board Gaming, Part Two of the Designer’s Notes for our upcoming new title: Less Than 60 Miles.

Go read it at the following link! Designer’s Notes Part 2 on Big Board Gaming

5 thoughts on ““Less Than 60 Miles” Designer’s Notes, Part 2

  1. how much is this game .

    1. John, I don’t have an exact price yet but it should be around 80 – 90 euros

  2. I really appreciate all the effort that is being put into these games. In the same spirit of the attention to detail that is being put forth into these games I need to bring forth a minor issue of accuracy that I have noticed regarding unit designations. Specifically the US units.

    I’m assuming that you’re using “Armies of Nato’s Central Front” by David Isby and Charles Kamps as a source for determining the NATO units designations. While the book is an excellent source of information, probably the best regarding Nato forces during this time period, many of the unit designations in the US order of battle are incorrect. I’m referring specifically to the new designations that were supposed to have been implemented under the US Army Regimental System. The book lists many US units with the new designations followed along with their former designations and the date of the change in parentheses. While many of the changes are correct, many are not.

    One example I can cite is the “4-77 Armor” counter that is shown in a graphic on this page as an element of the 8th Infantry Division. That redesignation of “reflagging” as it is known that supposedly took place in May 1985 as listed in the book never happened. In fact the original unit designation of “5-68 Armor” was effective until February 16, 1989 when the unit was reflagged as “3-77 Armor”.

    Now I realize this is a minor issue but if you get a chance to look into this try looking here In the 80’s the Army issued generals orders regarding these reflaggings and the correct designations are listed. Or if you want send me something and I’ll edit it for you.

    1. Hi Dan,
      as you said “Armies of NATO’s Central Front” is a primary source, supported by many others.
      You’re absolutely right about the US battalion reflagging, I’ve also noticed that several official US Army data often contradict the book. I’ll take a look to the orders list you suggested and see if I can fix the errors, not particularly easy as the search system of the site is not helping 🙁

      Thank you!

    2. Ok, I think I’ve fixed the wrong IDs by cross-checking several sources.

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