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1985: Deadly Northern Lights – Operation ANGRY ARROWHEAD

This recently declassified NATO document describes Concept of Operations 475/19 – ANGRY ARROWHEAD, a possible plan to contain a Warsaw Pact’s offensive against Denmark, Norway and Finland.

The version presented here is the original 1983 draft, prepared by Anthony Morphet two years before the war outbreak and subsequently expanded into OPLAN 47501 – ANGRY ARROWHEAD, the Operation Plan used by AFNORTH during World War Three.

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1985: Deadly Northern Lights – Operation Orchestra

What follows is the execution plan for операционный оркестр (Operation Orchestra), the Warsaw Pact offensive against NATO’s Northern Flank, started at July 24th, 1985. The document has been retrieved after ceasefire from the frozen body of a Soviet officer from 7th Guards Airborne Division, found by Norwegian troops in the mountains South of Narvik.

The plan describes in detail the initial phases of the offensive against Denmark, Norway and Finland and gives a valuable insight into the Soviet approach to complex aeronaval operations.

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1985: Deadly Northern Lights – AFNORTH Collapse


At 20200418 1319 ZT the main NATO defense line in Europe has been overran. AFNORTH ordered a strategic withdrawal from Europe, Asia and Oceania. All the remaining reserves are now committed to CONUS defense.

1985: Deadly Northern Lights is officially out of stock in Europe, Asia and Oceania. Some copies are still available in US, Canada.


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1985: Deadly Northern Lights – Missing In Action

The Problem

In this troubled time of biological attacks and remote working, we’ve been hit too. Two charts are missing from the box. No excuses, my fault.

The missing charts are used during Air Superiority and Interception Combat. It’s possible to play without them, but they come handy for placing the squadrons during combat and add an extra touch. Here’s a picture of what I’m talking about:

The Temporary Solution

Here’s the two missing charts in PDF version, ready to print and use in your campaigns.

The Real Solution

We’re going to ship the two missing charts to everyone, of course free of charge. Just give us the time to organize, I’ve already taken the first steps and we should be ready in a few days.

Again, sorry for the problem 🙁
Fabrizio Vianello
Thin Red Line Games

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1985:DNL Extended Designers’ Notes

Here’s the Designers’ Notes for 1985: Deadly Northern Lights, written by the Designer (the dork with the gas mask, left side) and by the two Developers Ulf Krahn and Anthony Morphet (no gas mask photo available).

Compared to the Designers’ Notes you’ll find in the box, this version has been slightly extended and reformatted.

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1985: Deadly Northern Lights Losses


SACEUR warns that due to heavy losses in AFNORTH area of responsibility, CONUS reserves are now down to 40 copies.

SITREP UPDATE 20200418: 50 additional reinforcements are being transferred from Europe to CONUS. This is the last operational reserve, after which the only remaining option will be a strategic withdrawal.