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1985: Under an Iron Sky Third Echelon?

As the unrest for a 1985: Under An Iron Sky reprint is growing on both sides of the Iron Curtain, here’s an attempt to avoid an open revolt and ensure a future of Peace, Prosperity and Equality!

22 thoughts on “1985: Under an Iron Sky Third Echelon?

  1. Thank you for considering a reprint of Under an Iron Sky. Without a doubt I would buy at least one copy!

  2. Ready for it, Fabrizio. Reserve a copy for me!

  3. Would there be changes other than incorporating errata in an updated rule and scenario books?

    1. Hi Steve,
      apart from incorporating the errata, some extra counter already included in 1985: Deadly Northern Lights

  4. I would pay in advance/reserve a copy/whatever … the sooner the better 🙂

  5. Print baby print. Straight reprint is fine

    Beggars can’t be picky!

    I’ll buy 2 copies.


  6. Please Fabrizio, do it! And we will remeber 2020 not as the year in which a pandemy broke out, but as the year in which Under an Iron Sky was finally reprinted.

  7. I’ll buy a copy for sure!

  8. lo comprerei sicuramente. Mi son perso evidentemente le altre 2, ti ho scoperto solo oggi grazie ad amici che ce l’hanno e sono giocatori di ASL.
    se ristampi prendimi in considerazione

  9. Will give it a shot this time!

    1. Im down for a copy

  10. Ottima idea! Sicuramente ne prenderò 2 copie.

  11. Looking forward to the reprint!!!! Reserve a copy for me in the CONUS. I’m glad there are many people as excited as I am about this. Great games. Great team. Keep up the fantastic work.

  12. Yes! I would buy a copy on pre-order for sure

  13. I want to preorder!

  14. I’m in

  15. Je précommande quand vous voulez 😀

  16. Sure, ill buy one copy.

  17. Count me in as another CONUS customer!

  18. I will happily pre-order a copy ! Count me in 🙂

    Christophe (France)

  19. Will defenitely buy one!!!

  20. I’m in for a reprint copy of both 1985 series games.

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