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1985: Under an Iron Sky – Third Echelon

After two years of worldwide unrest and open revolts, the TRL Central Committee finally surrendered to popular demand. A Third Echelon of 1985: Under an iron Sky will be mobilized.

As this will be a small and very expensive (on our side) print run, we are forced to change our usual “we just print it, you decide later” policy. Think about it as a sort of Kickstarter, with the difference that you’ll get your money back should things go wrong.

The minimum number of 200 ordered copies has already been reached, so Third Echelon is now MOBILIZED and nothing will stop it.

Here’s the Rules of Engagement:

  1. Third Echelon will be identical to the previous two except for updated rules, some extra counters and the “Third Echelon” label on the box.
  2. We’ll keep the recruitment office open until June, 15th. After that date, no orders will be accepted and production print will start.

Do your duty and enlist to defend the Rodina from the capitalist aggression! Move out to the front!

43 thoughts on “1985: Under an Iron Sky – Third Echelon

  1. Hooray! I’ve been compulsively checking the site waiting for a chance to get a copy.

  2. Order Placed! πŸ™‚

  3. Order placed! Please, let us know when the objectives are reached. If by june, 19, we are short a few copy from victory I’m sure you will find volunteers to buy an additional copy and reach the 200 mark.

    Our motivation is terrific!

    Thanks a lot for this; I appreciate it very much.

    1. Sure thing, I’ll keep everyone updated about how is going!

  4. CommandΓ© πŸ™‚

  5. Thank you very much, you will have my money for the third echelon before 19th June, for sure

  6. Exactly what i was wishing for!
    Thank you!

  7. Nice. Order placed. Time to step up folks!

  8. I’ve done my part for the glory of the Motherland!

  9. Ordered

  10. Order placed!

  11. I expect this Kickstarter goal will be met by dawn May 20 :-D!

    1. Well, judging by the start you could be close πŸ™‚

  12. Extra counters?

    1. They’re the 6 extra counters you may already download here, from the 1985:Under an Iron Sky page πŸ™‚

  13. As a proud and satisfied owner of the first edition, I am glad others will get a chance to own this classic. The mention of extra counters interests me, will there be any way for current owners to get those?

    1. John, it’s the 6 extra counters you may already download here, from the 1985:Under an Iron Sky page

      1. Excellent! Thank you!

  14. Ordered. Now we wait.

  15. Great, I’m hoping we can get this game out there.

  16. Times are tough…I’ll scratch up the $200 somehow! Thanks for offering this!

  17. Order placed! Do you foresee DNL getting a similar treatment? I missed it too, simply because I wasn’t sure I’d ever be able to get the original again. : (

    1. No plans right now about a DNL reprint….we’ll see πŸ™‚

  18. Money where mouth is. Head may end up separate to body, if wife finds out. Hah.

  19. This is good news indeed! But before I order there are 5 maps in total, but what is the footprint they require for a full campaign game? I know the main maps form a rectangle approximately 185 cm x 95 cm but do the additional maps make it longer, wider, or are they separate (planning maps?) and can be placed anywhere?

    1. 185×95 is correct, the two small maps make it a little wider (maybe 20 cm)

      1. Thank you, but just to be clear, that would make the map a rectangle approximately 205 cm x 95 cm?

        1. 185×115

          1. Darn! Table length is no problem, but its just 1m wide. Thank you for confirming Fabrizio

  20. Just placed my order a few days ago!
    Thx for the chance!

  21. Well, I surely hope some day Northern Lights will see a reprint/second edition now that I finally got to order 1985: Under an Iron Sky.

  22. Missed both UIS and DNS on the first go-round, and so am all in for ‘Third Echelon’. Ordered today. Less Than 60 Miles is also first rate, by the way.. Well done, TRL!!

  23. Will I be able to order this after it hits 200? I get paid on friday.


    1. Yes Simo, even after reaching 200 copies we’ll keep ordering open at least until the first days of June πŸ™‚

  24. Looking good, safe to say this is going ahead then… πŸ‘

  25. Excellent news and my copy ordered. Space readY to combine both games

  26. Are you still waiting for orders up to June 19th as I cant order until the 5th to place my order? Do you have any plans to redo DNL as I never ordered that because I’d missed Iron Skies first time?

    1. Doug,
      Recruitment office will be open until June, 15th….as for a DNL reprint, it’s more probable every day πŸ™‚

  27. I third the motion to reprint Deadly Northern Lights, having missed both. Order placed.

  28. Order placed June 6th. Well somebody need to storm the beaches on the 6th. Any latest news on reprint of Deadly Northern Lights? I have a really ginormous table to play both.

  29. I ordered the Third Echelon. I join the clamor to unleash the second wave of the “Deadly Northern Lights”

  30. hi there
    just wondering if there’s an ETA for the new printing?

    1. Hi Mark! Production print is finished, we’re missing the “kitting” (assembling) phase and delivery to the US and European distribution points…..after that, we’re ready for shipping πŸ™‚

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