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Brezhnev Took Afghanistan, Begin Took Beirut…

….and COVID took the Wargaming Conventions.
As there will be no conventions in the foreseeable future, we decided to send to the front the strategic reserve of copies kept until now for conventions usage. In plain terms, this means:

As a side note, 1985: Under an Iron copies are now moving to the distribution points….Europe shipping should begin next week, US and Canada could take a little longer as they have to traverse the North Atlantic SLOC.

Oh well that’s it….The Convention Is Dead, Long Live to the Convention!

SITREP 20200730 1300 ZT: Following the tradition of the previous offensives, this one too was fast and bloody. 1985:DNL copies are gone, but stay tuned in the next few days for the fifty 1985:UAIS ones!

SITREP 20200804 1836 ZT: The 50 remaining copies of 1985: Under an Iron Sky – Third Echelon are now available on the product page!

17 thoughts on “Brezhnev Took Afghanistan, Begin Took Beirut…

  1. Woohoo, got one! I wouldn’t have guessed that getting DNL would be the silver lining of COVID…but you just made my week!

  2. Since I pre-ordered the re-print of Iron Sky I’m going to be nice and let someone who missed all orders get a copy. My Iron Sky order will get here eventually…getting DNL was awesome enough!

  3. I’ll take a copy of Under an Iron Sky!

  4. I would like a copy of DNL.

    1. Hi Fredrik,
      the copies were available here using the “shop” menu, but they lasted more or less 45 minutes…, we’re out of stock now. Sorry!

  5. Dammit think I missed DNL already… literally 3 hours after post?

    Or am I missing the magic ordering link? If so, I’ll take one please!!

  6. I got real excited there for a minute about a chance at DNL but looks they’re gone. Oh well, I guess I’ll continue waiting for the reprint.

  7. I was lucky and just happened to be checking the site a few minutes after the post and snagged a copy of DNL. I don’t think Iron Sky has been listed yet, but I think, since I got in on the Third Echelon, I’ll give someone else a shot at getting a copy if they missed out.

  8. How should one order when they become available: leave a message here, or does a link appear somewhere?

    1. Hi Chris,
      the order can be placed by using the “shop” label on the top bar.
      Unfortunately, the available copies lasted for, like, 45 minutes so you’ll find nothing there right now 🙁

  9. Hi I just missed Deadly Northern Lights, I hope there will be a reprint sometimes

  10. I’ve just received a copy of Less than 60 Miles from the US. Very impressive and am looking forward to playing a game in the coming weeks. As with many others who are interested in this topic and have obtained one of your games I am looking forward to acquiring DNL and UAIS when opportunity allows.

  11. Awesome album, and if “Galtieri took the Union Jack” there might be some interest in applying DNL’s naval and air system to a Falklands/Malvinas mini-game?

    1. Umh! Interesting idea!

      1. You and your team are probably pretty booked up these days, but it was just a thought. No where near as complex as Harpoon, but using DNL’s naval system might let you play out the 1982 operations in an evening over a beer.

  12. there might be some interest in applying DNL’s naval and air system to a Falklands/Malvinas mini-game
    + 1

  13. I will second any further expansions of the uis/dnl universe. Looking forward to the middle east expansion and would love to see Korea/far east as well!

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