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1985: Deadly Northern Lights VASSAL

The VASSAL Module for 1985: Deadly Northern Lights is finally here!

Being a monster game, we have a monster module. Due to size and security measures, we had to create zip files containing zip files. Follow these steps to create the module and start your Scandinavian campaigns:

1. Download the two parts of the module:

2. Unzip the two files in the same directory. This will create two files named 1985 and 1985 DNL.z01

3. Unzip the 1985 file. This will create the final 1985 DNL.vmod module by combining the zip and z01 files.

A big thanks to our Combat Engineer John Rainey, to our lead playtester Dominik Häufler and to the others who made this possible!

EDIT 20201113 ZT: Module has been updated to version 1.01, adding a die roll button and squashing a couple of minor bugs. You will need the latest version of VASSAL to use it.

9 thoughts on “1985: Deadly Northern Lights VASSAL

  1. Awesome work. Now I can play the game that takes up so much space in my “dungeon”.


  2. Nope, it didn’t work. I’ll have to play with this later, but it comes up with unspecified error.


    1. Same, the 1985 file is unable to run/unzip and combine the two because it is an “unsupported format”. I will retry with a fresh download later.

      1. Chris, you don’t have to combine the two. Download the two files, unzip both, then unzip 1985 only. The 1985 DNL.z01 file is unzipped automatically.

        1. Haha, kind of like the rule book!

          I’ll try again over the weekend. Kudos to those who put this together. I’m sure many will greatly appreciate the chance to play it. Although I prefer pushing cardboard….

    2. OK, I got it to work. Great job.


  3. She’s a monster. I did not know you could do this type stuff with zip files etc. Interesting.

  4. Looks great fellas. Nice job and congrats to the team!

    For others I had to play with it in a Windows VM a bit to get it Mac-ready but otherwise it looks great!

  5. Well done!
    I’ve built some monster Vassal modules in the past with maps pushing obscene amounts of bits. Did not know this Zip technique for moving them. Thanks much. Worked well and very straightforward instructions thank you!


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