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The Dogs of War – CONUS Withdrawal

The Dogs of War is officially sold out in US / CANADA!
In the good news, Noble Knight Games should have 16 copies available in a few days, and a small strategic reserve will be committed once the situation is stabilized.

2 thoughts on “The Dogs of War – CONUS Withdrawal

  1. I don’t understand, there were only 16 copies released in the US and Canada?

    Fabrizio if this is true it is a real bummer. You really need to get a better marketing strategy. I’ve been waiting to purchase DoW since 60 Miles came out. To find out there were only 16. Is very difficult to hear.

    I wrot to you several times and you said you would send out notifications when it would be available.

    I’m totally bummed about having to wait and hope they appear on the 2nd hand seller Noble Knight.

    1. How did you get the idea there was only 16 copies in US / Canada?
      55% of the existing copies have been sent to our US warehouse BEFORE we unleashed hell, and they were all gone in 9 days. 16 of those copies have been bought by Noble Knight Games, who is now putting them on sale 🙂

      I’ve sent you the BAOR GENERAL ORDER OF THE DAY at 2021-01-11, 14:15ZT but haven’t heard from you…..That said, check your email soon 🙂

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