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Less Than 60 Miles – Update Pack

This Update Pack will allow to use in Less Than 60 Miles First Echelon all the rule changes introduced in the latest modules in the C3 Series and in the Combined Campaign.

The Update Pack will not transform a First Echelon copy into a full Second Echelon copy, as additional changes have been made to the map, some units designation, and the scenarios.

NOTE 1: If you own The Dogs of War only, move along. You already have everything.

NOTE 2: if you own both C3 modules, the only thing you need is FM 04 002 – SITREP Update.

Updated Counters and Markers

WG III Corps has now a separate chain of command, and OOB and TO&E for West German formations have been slightly revised. Moreover, Warsaw Pact Sappers have been added.

Updated C3 Series Tables

The same tables you’ll find in The Dogs of War box.
Includes units and silhouettes legend and a graphic summarizing the possible Posture changes.

FM 04 002 – SITREP Update

Changes to specific LT60M Scenarios

The Dogs of War Rules

The same rules you’ll find in The Dogs of War box.

9 thoughts on “Less Than 60 Miles – Update Pack

  1. Brilliant support as usual! Can’t wait to get this on the table. Will likely start with a Vassal game of LT60M….

    1. If you have the possibility to play F2F, I’d strongly suggest the “Welcome to Braunschweig” scenario in “The Dogs of War”. It should give an almost full coverage of the possible problems and tactics, with only a few units to command.

  2. There doesn’t seem to be Sapper counters for the Central Front in the TDOW countersheets, are we supposed to print them out and paste them to the back of the original counters?

    1. Yep, additional Sappers for Central Front are in the print-and-play LT60M updated countersheet. As you said, just glue them to the back of the original Engineer counters.

  3. I have to own a copy of LT60M! When will a reprint be available? Or are you able to point to someone who wants to sell his/her copy??


    1. Andy, I’m trying to make reprint plans for 2021…As soon as my head stop spinning, I’ll post here and of the usual social media 🙂

  4. Reprint plans?!!!

    I certainly hope that happens


  5. What’s the status on any potential reprint here? Possible alongside a print run of Hamburg? Would be great to ‘upgrade’ the counter style of the US OB in this to the ‘Dogs of War’ standard with the ‘preferred’ posture on the reverse of the counters (believe that the Bundeswehr got that upgrade in DoW already, but a reprint here would be nice as well). Also, a potential ‘optional’ unit for the 11ACR Arty Battalion/Squadrons that allow for concentration of Arty battalion vs. factored into the Squadrons?

    So much ‘good stuff’… 😉

    1. Hi Mike,
      the quinquennial mobilisation plan can be found at the following link:

      The second echelon of LT60M will include counters with the preferred posture on the back. The optional unit for the grouped 11ACR artillery can be found at the following link:

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