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Connections Online – Seminar on the 1985 Series

From Soviet doctrine to chemical weapons, from air war to amphibious ops, passing thru REFORGER, electronic warfare & Polish revolts.
How do you turn World War Three, the worst nightmare of 20th century, into a living room sim?

Anthony Morphet and Fabrizio Vianello offer some hindsight on the design process & the decisions to take.

Live event was at April 16th 1200ZT, on Connections Online, and recorded session is here below.
Sponsored by Connections 2021 Online and Armchair Dragoon!

9 thoughts on “Connections Online – Seminar on the 1985 Series

  1. Fabrizio,

    Any plans to do a second edition of Less Than 60 Miles with all the changes?



    1. Yep, it’s something we’re considering…..but the Second Echelon for 1985: Deadly Northern Lights will probably come first!

  2. When?

    1. It’s gone but you can watch it on youtube!

  3. What’s the reasoning behind not going for a Turkey/Levant theater instead?

    1. In the 1985 global strategic scenario, Warsaw Pact simply does not have enough forces for an offensive in Central Europe, Norway, Middle East AND Balkans at the same time.

      Czechoslovakian and Hungarian armies are badly needed in Southern Germany, Bulgarian Army is a train wreck and Ceausescu’s Romania is completely unreliable. Moreover, the only real strategic objective (the Dardanelles Straits) is defended by the strongly motivated and well equipped Turkish Army.

      Short of science fiction events like Yugoslavia joining the Pact or Albania having some secret superpower, any Soviet move in the Balkans is bound to fail very quickly.

      1. Yeah that makes sense. I guess I just have a softspot for those Yugoslavians.

  4. How do I preorder Sacred oil?

    1. John, simply send an email to to reserve a copy 🙂

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