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It Started in the Shipyards

Kev Sharp from Big Board Gaming is now caught in the “It Started in the Shipyards” campaign from 1985: Under an Iron Sky!

Soviet Union faces a Warsaw Pact in full revolt, and events force NATO to extend Article 5 from “defense of member countries” to “defense of member peoples”….thus including Germans on the East side of the Inner German Border.

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1985: Sacred Oil Cards Sample

Some samples of the Event Cards for Sacred Oil, third and last module of the 1985 series!

Event Cards are used for diplomatic activities, covert operations, but first and foremost for force mobilization. As the Campaign has no predetermined Order of Battle, both sides will use Events to commit forces and try shaping the war theatre to their advantage. Most Events will raise Tension, allowing a broader choice of possible actions. In the end, the Soviet offensive in Southwest Asia will begin, and World War Three with it.

Approximately 80 cards will be included, ranging from mobilization of Turkestan Military District to Operation Cyclone.
Remember: to reserve a copy, report for duty by writing to!