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1985: Sacred Oil – Gog and Magog, Chapter One

The following is a photo reportage covering the events of the 1985 conflict in the area defined by Pentagon as the “Southwest Asia theater”, most commonly referred to as Persian Gulf.
The reportage covers from June 12th, 1985, when the military build-up started, to June 29th, 1985, the first day of the Soviet offensive against Iran that ultimately led to World War Three.

Photos are taken from various sources, and comments or explanations are kept to a bare minimum.

Editor’s Note: If you wish to enlist for the 1985: Sacred Oil operation, Report for Duty by writing to Also, click on the pictures for full resolution.

June 12th, 1985: Soviet Union mobilizes forces in North Caucasus, Transcaucasus and Turkestan Military Districts
June 12th, 1985: Ilyushin-76 airlift reinforces Soviet bases in Ethiopia and South Yemen.
June 12th, 1985: Spetsnaz battalions are airlifted near the Iranian border by Mi-8 helicopters.
June 13th, 1985: US 7th Special Forces is airlifted to Diego Garcia
June 13th, 1985: The Shatt-Al-Arab front.
June 14th, 1985: Both sides try to extend their diplomatic influence over Gulf states.
June 14th, 1985: Soviet forces positioning along the USSR – Iranian border.
June 16th, 1985: Tension between the two blocs rises sharply. With Soviet Union mobilizing more forces, US CENTCOM Rapid Deployment assets start moving.
June 16th, 1985: Iraqi troops launch an offensive against Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, with indiscriminate use of chemical weapons.
June 17th, 1985: Iranian 55th Airmobile Division moves to reinforce defense on the USSR border.
June 18th, 1985: US Marine Expeditionary Units begin to assemble.
June 18th, 1985: Sharp increase in Soviet submarine activity in North Pacific.
June 18th, 1985: Iraqi offensive in Kurdistan continues. PUK forces are surrounded.
June 20th, 1985: US 5th Marines Amphibious Brigade is assembled. US secretly reopens diplomatic channels with Iran.
June 20th, 1985: A Soviet convoy unloads AA defenses and military supply at Latakia, Syria.
June 20th, 1985: Air war over Iran intensifies, as Iraqi aircraft strike Iranian columns moving toward the USSR border.
June 21st, 1985: USN Kitty Hawk Battle Group arrives in the Indian Ocean.
June 21st, 1985: USMC 11th and 15th Marine Expeditionary Units sail for Persian Gulf.
June 22nd, 1985: US XVIII Corps mobilize. The White House intensifies efforts for obtaining access to Iranian and other Gulf states air space and military installations.
June 23rd, 1985: Strategic Situation in North Pacific.
June 23rd, 1985: US Forces at Diego Garcia.
June 24th to June 26th, 1985: Tension raises to new heights as dozens of Soviet squadrons increase their readiness level.
June, 26th 1985: Soviet Category III divisions and air squadrons start moving toward Iranian border.
June 27th, 1985: USN CV-64 Constellation Battlegroup enters the Strait of Hormuz.
June 28th, 1985: Soviet Spetsnaz failed attempt to block Suez Canal.
June 28th, 1985: Soviet Union attacks Iran. Iranian air forces incur in heavy losses trying to contest air superiority near the USSR border.
June 28th, 1985: Soviet aircraft strike several airfields inside Iranian territory.
June 28th, 1985: Iranian 66th Pasdaran division is surrounded and destroyed by Soviet divisions.
June 28th, 1985: Iraq launches an offensive toward Ilam, in support to the Soviet assault to the North.
June 29th, 1985: The Soviet advance at D+1, Transcaucasian Front.
June 29th, 1985: The Soviet advance at D+1, Turkestan Front.
June 29th, 1985: First Brigade of US 82nd Division is airlifted to Bandar Abbas military airfield, covered by CVN Constellation Combat Air Patrol.

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  1. Looking good; seems to be lots of Soviet ships near the Constellation CVBG, all very tense!

  2. mouth waters with anticipation

    1. I like the “T-0” buildup that is available, along with the political card play. This is a great idea to expand replayability.

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  3. Bring on the RDF

  4. Are there any plans to offer up a same sort-of system for UAIS and DNL? I know it was more set in stone than other fronts, but it could be interesting to see different takes on Soviet maskirovka and preparations

    1. Not easy, but it could be a good idea for some future add-on or expansion. Of course, the most realistic way would be putting all the three 1985 modules on the table 🙂

      1. Of course, such is the duty of any officer of the Red Army, in preparation for the inevitable victory of Socialism over Capitalism.

      2. Problem will be to find a table able to manage the maps of all 3 games…

  5. Sign me up please, big fan and I’m definitely interested!

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