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1985: Sacred Oil VASSAL

The VASSAL Module for 1985: Sacred Oil is finally combat-ready! Kudos to our embedded Combat Engineer John Rainey for helping our troops to reach the assigned objectives.

Be warned, you will need the latest VASSAL version for this.

1985: Sacred Oil VASSAL version 1.01

9 thoughts on “1985: Sacred Oil VASSAL

  1. Glorious!

    1. Also want to shout out to John. He makes great modules!

  2. Excellent!

  3. Incredible !

    I am got a copy of the famous FAR 90 modern combat game from Casus Belli Magazine n° 43. It is based on central front concepts. I suggested VaeVictis to publish a new version. Anyone interested, please let me know !

    1. I might be a minority, but I’m not very interested. Hopefully France will be more fully committed this next go around and we can see them play the role of a committed member and partner.

  4. im guess ing linking all will explode the internet?

    1. I think that John will run some tests in an isolated, hardened shelter 😀

      1. Godspeed John.

      2. I experimented a bit an found I had to put the Scandinavia maps in a separate map window in the Vassal module. But it does allow you to play the Denmark portion of the campaign with the DNL naval rules and units once you merge. My Vassal skills are most likely not as advanced as Jim’s though.

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