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1985: Mutual Assured Destruction

With an unfortunate synchronism with real world events,
1985: Mutual Assured Destruction is here.

18 thoughts on “1985: Mutual Assured Destruction

  1. Is this going to be orderable with the printed rules and new counters, or self print only?

    1. Self print only, at least until we’ll decide to release the 1985: Mutual Assured Destruction combined game, a bankrupt-inducing box with 20 maps and 8000 counters 😀

      1. Is that a real project or just a cruel way to make us suffer?

        1. 😀
          It is real, but don’t hold your breath!

          1. We will be patient. Having said that, we dutifully implore you to produce this product regardless of weight or cost, because many of us WILL purchase it, regardless of damage to our backs or wallets.

      2. I still have to find a copy of UaiS that isn’t bankruptcy inducing all by itself!

      3. Sounds like a backache-inducing box when you try to lift it

  2. i assume printing MAD would be part of your commitment to OGEC, Organization of Game Exporting Companies, and their continuing attempt to live large off the hopeless addictions of gamers globally.

  3. Now reprint DNL, so I can have my CVBGs.

  4. Can’t we beg you to print it?

  5. Myself I am looking forward to bankruptcy after getting the complete printed 1985:MAD Print edition of all 3 games combined 🙂 And I already have all the physical games now.
    But more importantly when is the Vassal Module going to be released so I could play it since I would need also need to buy a warehouse to layout all 3 games maps/player aids into one campaign physically. Of course that VASSAL module may take the World Biggest Vassal Module ever produced and require 32GB of RAM to even run it 🙂 Seriously Great Work!!!! Keep it up. Looking forward to the rest of the gamers in the other series.

    1. I’m planning a situation assessment with our embedded Combat Engineer to determine if a combined, complete VASSAL module is feasible without resorting to a CRAY supercomputer.

  6. so if MAD is imminent, is a reissue of Deadly Northern Light feasible soon, for which I am on the list and I look forward to?

    1. MAD is not imminent, it’s already here and it consists of the rules and scenarios booklets for a combined use of the 1985 modules. We’ll PROBABLY develop a physical “1985: Mutual Assured Destruction” edition in the far future, containing all the three modules.

      Yes, our next endeavour will be the Second Echelon of 1985: Deadly Northern Lights 🙂

      1. Ok thank you!

  7. Considering recent events, the timing couldn’t have been better. Most of us that own these games are “Monster” wargamers… meaning we enjoy large, thorough games, are completists and enjoy every nuance and detail. This package (MAD) certainly works toward that goal.

    Another competitive product came out recently (The Third World War) which was a revamp of a 1980’s series of WWWIII games. Not a bad job and certainly nicely done. Nonetheless, your games enter a superior level of thought and detail… as you have upgraded the SPI “Next War” line and continued the thought process to the next level.

    Thanks for the add-ons. I am hoping my intellectual prowess has the ability to recall all the nuances of the rules to do a full replay justice!

  8. I hope you will consider doing an update/upgrade kit for all three modules, for those of us who own the current games, to include the printed MAD material plus any other “improvements” over the original which would be included in the combined edition. While I might consider getting the whole enchilada again, my wife would probably consider it cause for divorce…

    Also still hoping for Balkans module! Or at least the maps and OOBs for those of us who might tinker around with such ourselves…

    1. I’m with John on the update/upgrade kits!

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