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1985: Deadly Northern Lights – CEASEFIRE DECLARED

1. At 20220714 1441ZT NATO and Warsaw Pact announced that an agreement for an immediate ceasefire has been reached.

2. Hostile actions against Warsaw Pact forces must cease immediately, except when needed to respond an attack or to stop attempts by opposing forces to further advance in the territory of NATO or any other friendly nation in the AFNORTH region.

3. 1985: Deadly Northern Lights Second Echelon is officially OUT OF STOCK.

4. Orders already received are safely stored in an atomic proof bunker and are guaranteed to survive.

5. Even though it was a small operation, 1985: Deadly Northern Lights established a new record with a life span of 72 hours only. A big thank you to all the troops who made this possible! The next goal will be a conflict shorter than a global thermonuclear war.

12 thoughts on “1985: Deadly Northern Lights – CEASEFIRE DECLARED

  1. We are sending our surstromming MREs through the lines as a gesture of good will.

    1. You shouldn’t eat surströmming before August 18th. The Geneva convention prohibits it.

      1. Well, sure enough. There it is: Article 1409. But it isn’t clear that one can’t give it away, and it doesn’t cover the Novichok blinis they sent us.

  2. 17 and a half hours? That didn’t take long. 🙂

  3. What about the “reserved copies”?

  4. What the hell happened! I reported for duty way back when and boom…..nothning

  5. Ceasefire broken! WP and NATA forces to resume offensive operations under directives from Ontario, Canada!!!

    My order arrived yesterday, Fab! Looks fantastic – thanks very much!


  6. This makes 2 out of 3 for me. There will be another echelon of UaIS with a global LOC map and the new counter layout?? Or my only chance to complete the series is to wait for the 1985: MAD mega-combo??

    1. I’m afraid a fourth 1985:UAIS Echelon is not planned…but never say never, you’re far from being the first to ask for it 🙂

  7. Got my copy yesteday, can’t wait to spread the whole monster on my table..

  8. Hello,
    already got the three modules.
    Slightly worried about the added/changed content on new echelon versions… I got 1st version of all three and the new version of DNL was very tempting. I know I can grab the updated rules but additional counters and reworked maps is another story…

    1. Christophe, a “print and play” upgrade kit will be available soon here. 20 – 30 new counters max. 🙂

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