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C3 Combined Campaign – VASSAL Module

Forward Command Posts rarely have the space to unfold all the 1:20000 tactical maps needed for serious planning.

This VASSAL Module gives Army Group and Front Commanders what they need, when they need it. NORTHAG / Northern Front Sector 1, NORTHAG / Northern Front Sector 2 and CENTAG / Central Front Sector 1 are covered and can be used in every possible combination, allowing to plan and follow the battle in detail.

The module contains the complete setup for the July is the Cruellest Month campaign, and several useful additional features such as:

  • Formation Boundary lines
  • Movement Axis arrows
  • Victory Points markers
  • Warsaw Pact Echelon Planning

Deployment Procedure:

  1. Download the latest VASSAL version (3.6.12 or higher)
  2. Download and unzip the C3 Combined Base module
  3. Download and unzip the C3 Combined Extension module
  4. Open the C3 Combined Base module in VASSAL
  5. Add the C3 Combined Extension to the C3 Combined Base module

4 thoughts on “C3 Combined Campaign – VASSAL Module

  1. How is the Extension file added to the Base Module?

    1. Open vassal and Right click on the base module

  2. “Open vassal and Right click on the base module”

    This doesn’t help at all. I’ve got the base and the extension downloaded. The base really doesn’t work (gives pages of error messages with rows titled ‘bad data in module’).
    Opening vassal and right clicking on the base module opens an additional window titled:

    no idea what to do with tmp_numbernumbernumbernumber.vmdx


    1. You cannot use the base module alone, the extension must be installed. Also, be sure to have the latest version of vassal installed.
      – Remove both the extension and the base from vassal
      – Delete the “C3 Combined Base v1_00_ext” directory created by vassal
      – Install the base module in Vassal
      – Right click on the base module in Vassal and add the extension

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