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Less Than 60 Miles – DEFCON 2

Less Than 60 Miles, the first C3 module covering the Warsaw Pact offensive in the Fulda Gap, is now at DEFCON 2.

This second echelon will be more an update than a simple reprint. Here’s a summary of the main changes:

  • Rules updated with the most recent features introduced by The Dogs of War and Die Festung Hamburg.
  • Counters with the most used Posture on the back side, minimizing the need for Posture markers.
  • Revised NATO OOB, representing West German III Corps as a separate high-level Command.
  • Revised mobilisation rules for West German Teilaktiv battalions and Heimatschutz brigades.
  • Update of several US battalion designations, more exactly pinning the transition from the Combat Arms Regimental System to the US Army Regimental System.
  • Several changes to the Warsaw Pact OOB, from Soviet Army-level independent tank regiments to East German pure tank regiments.
  • An expanded Field Manual 02-002 Battlefield Operations, covering Operational Procedures and Operational Planning. Start reading it immediately, before it’s too late.

CENTAG needs YOU to stop the communist hordes!
Report for Duty by writing to the Quartermaster at

NOTE: If you are already enlisted, there’s no need to reiterate. Your enthusiastic desire to die, I mean fight for Freedom is well noted.

57 thoughts on “Less Than 60 Miles – DEFCON 2

  1. Apologies, but I am slightly confused. I own all three C3 modules. Is there anything in this re-do that I do not already have? And if so, what is the cost of this revision? Thanks!

    1. Hi Dean, the cost will be probably similar to the “Die Festung Hamburg” module (91 euros). The only additional component is the Operational Procedures Field Manual, but many other things have been revised or changed (see the list at the beginning of the post).

      1. OK thanks. Will some of the revisions (e.g., the OPFM) be available electronically, or must one purchase these physically in the revised/re-released module?

        1. Most of the updates are already available at the link below, some of them will be further updated after DEFCON 1. The counters with the Posture on the back side will be only available in the physical version.

          1. 10-4, mon chef! Thanks!

      2. I just want to understand, “defcon 3” is just a warning, correct? Do you have any general idea when this reprint will be available? Given the very, very, very short window of availability for these games, I’m just trying to get an idea of when to be looking for the email.

        1. Boyd, I see you are not in the reserved copies list.
          The equipment will need at least a couple of months to be ready, BUT if you don’t reserve and just wait for DEFCON 1 your chances to grab a copy are probably the same of a Panzerkampfwagen II destroying a M1 Abrams.

  2. Please put me on the list for this game.

    1. As specified in the post, you must report to the Quartermaster at πŸ™‚

  3. Woohoo! Reporting for duty as instructed. Email order sent.

    Thanks Fab!!


  4. reporting as ordered!!!! so happy

  5. Is it a reasonable assumption that a Dogs of War reprint is likely following this?

    1. Yep, probably πŸ™‚

      1. Get in my son!

  6. Yup, sign me up!

  7. I was expecting it so much! I’m ready to fight

  8. Will there be a physical upgrade kit available for owners of the original edition?

    1. Nope, most of the updates are already available as PnP at the link below, some of them will be further updated after DEFCON 1.

  9. Is there any chance of having the option of purchasing just the updated counters?

    1. Rich, probably not πŸ™

  10. Get me a copy ready ASAP also a copy of the next module Dark Woods. Copy and Out

    1. As specified in the post, you must report to the Quartermaster at πŸ™‚

  11. Oh yes, time to fill in the gaps!

    By receiving an email from with this Defcon 3 alert, this means I am already on the list, yes?

    1. Nope, it only means you have subscribed the site, so you receive an email when there’s a new post πŸ™‚

      1. It is confusing, and this process can be made simpler. I’m never 100% certain I’ve actually reserved a game.

        1. Bill, I’m sorry you find it confusing but it’s actually very similar to any other.

          Let’s take GMT as an example:
          1. You subscribe to GMT newsletter
          2. You receive the newsletter and a game in development interests you
          3. You go on the GMT site and pre-order it, entering your credit card info, shipping info etc.
          4. When the game is ready GMT calculates the shipping cost, takes the money and send the game

          1. You subscribe to the site
          2. You receive an email about a game in development that interests you
          3. You write to TRLGames to reserve a copy
          4. When the game is ready you enter your shipping info and pay for the game

          Can’t really see much difference, except you know how much the shipping cost is and the exact moment you will pay πŸ˜‰

  12. Hi Fab,

    Field units requesting intel update on Defcon status. Formations at heightened state of readiness until then πŸ˜‰.


    1. Hi Mo,
      DEFCON 2 has been declared yesterday at 1900ZT. Short of improbable changes in the current Soviet stance, DEFCON 1 could be 7 – 10 days ahead.

      1. Hi Fabrizio,
        no mail DEFCON 2 and no update mobilization plan?


  13. (Pretty sure I already reserved…)



  14. Is there a way to know if I’m on the preorder list? I remember I asked for this reprint and Die Festung Hamburg (which I got), but can’t find anywhere if I’m on the list for Less than 60 miles.

    1. In short, yes you are enlisted πŸ™‚
      You should have an answer from in your mailbox, simply search OPERATION CUTTING EDGE

      1. I did not receive this email and I checked my junk mails. I did receive the email saying the game was at DEFCON 2 though.

        1. Ok, but rest assured you are enlisted πŸ™‚

          1. Alright! Thank you for the fast answers!

  15. I’m sure enlisted the CENTAG for EXORD OPERATION CUTTING EDGE.
    But still not getting the letter…

    May be the agent decrypt the cypher and block it. πŸ€”

    1. No EXORD has been sent out yet…we’re still at DEFCON 2 πŸ™‚

      1. Ouch.
        I some how misunderstood.
        So, I have a time to prepareπŸ€‘

  16. Hello Fabrizio,
    I too failed to receive any emails notifying me that LT60M had moved to DEFCON 2 nor any emails saying I needed to be prepared to make payment for my two reserved copies. Also, I too checked my Spam/Junk folder and it was empty of any emails from TRL. Can you please verify that I will be notified when the game moves to DEFCON 1 and I will get the proper orders to pay for my reserved copies before they are all gone? Thanks in advance for your assistance in this matter.

    1. Hi Vince!
      DEFCON level changes are not notified to the enlisted volunteers – They are just new posts visible to everybody, and the subscribers of the site receive an email when something new is posted.
      The DEFCON 1 EXORD message (the one you will receive) is another matter: it is sent only to the enlisted volunteers and is not made public until 96 hours are passed 😊

      1. Just double checking since I’m away for work and not checking emails as much, but to confirm that as of 2100 GMT, 5 May 2023, no DEFCON 1 EXORD has been sent to the volunteers yet, correct????
        I have check all my message traffic (New mail, SPAM, etc.) folders and I haven’t received a thing. I just want to make sure I missed it somehow.

  17. Just double checking since I’m away for work and not checking emails as much, but to confirm that as of 2100 GMT, 5 May 2023, no DEFCON 1 EXORD has been sent to the volunteers yet, correct????
    I have check all my message traffic (New mail, SPAM, etc.) folders and I haven’t received a thing. I just want to make sure I missed it somehow.

    1. Also panicking that I have missed it, since I haven’t been into my email in days….

  18. Is it defcon 1? I see it in shop, but did not get any email…

    1. This is the executive order for the volunteers list (reserved copies).
      The public DEFCON 1 announcement will follow in 96 hours πŸ™‚

      1. mmm… I thought I was in volonteers list as soon as I registered…

        1. I’m afraid not πŸ™
          Subscribing the site is one thing, byt reserving a copy requires to send an email to… See the “mobilization plan” page.

          1. ((( I volonteered to previous game (but sadly had to skip it), and I thought I will be auto-included for the next one… bad for me, I guess… (((

    2. It IS DEFCON1, you should have an email with a password code.

    3. check your SPAM folder. I ended up whitelisting their email address on the third game. It helps. Just understand when you see a defcon1, check your SPAM folder just in case. They are very diligent in getting the info out there and giving us what we want, great wargames!!!! and giving them what they need, money πŸ™‚

      it’s a win-win

  19. Thank you very much. Received instructions and carried out order. Now just sit around and wait…

    Email works, PayPal worked and ordering worked. Check, Check and Checked!

    Perfectly perfect, as always

  20. I received my email, paid with PayPal, and received my order confirmation, so that all went fine. My question is, when I log on to my TRL games website account, it shows no order submitted under my account. Should I be concerned, or will I not see any activity there because I used the email link sent and did not order through the website?

    1. Hi Douglas,
      the reason is that you entered the order without logging in, so it has been assigned to “guest”. I’ve now linked the order to your account, everything is fine πŸ™‚

      1. Thank you so much! Looking forward to the game!

  21. Dear Comerades,
    First let me congratulate the fantastic work of the Comerades from Thin Red Line for bringing to the world such treasures of gaming and the TRUTH about the future past !

    For all of you, I, Comerade Frankivich, offer you from my dear Comerade Dominik, this entertaining music channel with this stunning video of our great Soviet doctrine in action:

    Long live the great Red Army and the USSR !

    Comerade Frankivich.

  22. I just want to comment on the packaging of LT60M , 2nd Ech. Yesterday I received the game from your US shipper in Texas. I think the packaging is superb. The bubble wrap bag should protect against any liquid getting onto the box and also some additional shock protection. Overall, unless something really dense and heavy is on top of the package it should come through unscathed. These things are sometimes not adequately addressed by shippers. Your guys get high marks. Thanks.

    1. Thank you Jim! We are quite happy of our Fulfilment agency, up to the point they are now handling the European deliveries too πŸ™‚

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