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Less Than 60 Miles – DEFCON 1

Less Than 60 Miles, the first C3 module covering the Warsaw Pact offensive in the Fulda Gap, is now at DEFCON 1.

This second echelon is more an update than a simple reprint. Here’s a summary of the main changes:

  • Rules updated with the most recent changes introduced by The Dogs of War and Die Festung Hamburg.
  • Counters with the most used Posture on the back side, minimizing the need for Posture markers.
  • Revised NATO OOB, representing West German III Corps as a separate high-level Command.
  • Revised mobilisation rules for West German Teilaktiv battalions and Heimatschutz brigades.
  • Update of several US battalion designations, more exactly pinning the transition from the Combat Arms Regimental System to the US Army Regimental System.
  • Several changes to the Warsaw Pact OOB, from Soviet Army-level independent tank regiments to East German pure tank regiments.
  • Several small but significant changes to the map and scenarios.
  • An expanded Field Manual 02-002 Battlefield Operations, covering Operational Procedures and Operational Planning. Start reading it immediately, before it’s too late.

CENTAG needs YOU to stop the communist hordes!

Read a more detailed SITREP HERE

Immediately acquire the new Equipment HERE

Watch the latest developments below. Ensure your communication equipment is turned ON.

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  1. I like the look of this (I have both SPI’s Central Front series and Decision Games’ Seven Days to the Rhine series) – ordered mine already. Looking forward to the other modules becoming available/available again.

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