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The Fate of All VASSAL

Rejoice, Citizens! Guided by Prometheos and Apollon, our Ethereal Architect John Rainey has finished building the magical implementation of The Fate of All.

Praise the Gods, and receive the enlightenment at this temple.

7 thoughts on “The Fate of All VASSAL

  1. Brilliant, thank you! My table is 3-4″ short with all 4 campaign maps on. Oops. Problem solved.

  2. Thank you!

  3. Thank you! I’ve been waiting for it all along. I hope I’ll be able to cope with the huge piles and the army screen: the piles remain piles and you must parse them manually, like the cardboard version. I wish there was a way to streamline the board army screen movement.

    1. I think the force boxes allow to organize an army quite well, both in the physical and vassal version 🙂

      Army Box

      1. Sure! This is neat indeed. What I was wishing for was a way to automatically parse the units by type in the Army Box. If there is one, I haven’t seen it yet. In the meantinme, I’ll do it manually, just as with the physical version.

  4. Thanks for providing this. I have the game on my table and would love to play this with a friend. He doesn’t have a copy though and there doesn’t seem to be any Charts and Tables available in the VASSAL mod – any chance these can be added?

    1. I’m afraid that, as usual, Athena specifically prohibited to make the tables papyrus public. But you have two of them 😉

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