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Wargaming Initiative NATO 2024

We are deeply honoured and incredibly proud to announce that Thin Red Line Games has been officially invited to the Wargaming Initiative NATO 2024, to be held in Hamburg under Bundeswehr patronage.

You will maybe remember that we attended NATO WIN23 in Rome last year in a less “official” role, so this is an important confirmation for all of us.

Following NATO guidelines for the event, Anthony Morphet and me will bring a specifically tailored 1985:Sacred Oil scenario. Anthony will take the umpire / national governments role, I will take command of the Soviet Union and Iraqi forces, while the NATO participants will lead a multi-national coalition facing a complex cold war crisis in an unfriendly or outright hostile strategic theatre.

There is no official NATO site yet, I will post more info as soon as they are available and unclassified. Also, we could possibly publish the scenario used after the conclusion of WIN24, of course should NATO agree with that.

What else could I say…..Time for multiple beers, and bombs away!

15 thoughts on “Wargaming Initiative NATO 2024

  1. Congrats Fabrizio ! Well deserved.

    1. Thanks Yves! Now, I have to prepare a strategic plan for the glorious Red Army 🙂

      1. I’m sure comrade Michonowsky has already drawn up a most formidable one 😉

  2. That’s fantastic news! Might it presage a reprint of any of the titles? I am missing so many…

    1. That will be decided by the Central Committee for Resources Assignment 🙂

      1. I have no doubt allies would be open to making additional resources available for the group effort!

    2. je l’espère aussi

    3. Me too, especially the aforementioned Sacred Oil

  3. This looks fantastic!

  4. That’s Great!


  5. Wow! Congrats Fab – well deserved honour 😊. Have fun (and try not to embarass those NATO lads too badly in the game 😆)!



  6. Fabrizio, congratulations and well deserved!

  7. Definitely a NEW ROLE for TRL Games

  8. Well done! Ci vediamo ad Amburgo….

    1. Sir yes Sir! 🙂

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