C3: Less Than 60 Miles


“C3: Less Than 60 Miles” will be the first of an operational, modern warfare simulation series focused on Command, Control and Communication.

This first module covers the (hypothetical) conflict between NATO and Warsaw Pact in 1985 in the US V Corps area of responsibility. On the opposite side of the Iron Curtain, two Soviet and one East German armies are ready to attack the American imperialists and their West German lackeys.

As you can see from the map, the 60 miles the title is referring to is the approximate distance between Fulda and Frankfurt am Main.

Map Sample

The game will have some contact points with NATO: Division Commander and Central Front, but will try to avoid the high complexity of the first and the excessive abstraction of the second. Final rules should be about 20 pages and a single turn should take no more than 20 minutes.

The main goal is to focus on several key concepts of modern mechanized warfare that are typically elusive or neglected in a war simulation:
  • Command, Control and Communication
  • OODA Cycle
  • Initiative and Momentum
  • Meeting Engagements
  • Battlefield Chaos

Moreover, the rules will try to get rid of several typical wargame paradigms, forcing players to solve the real and deceptively simpler problems typically faced by Division commanders: move from point A to point B without messing up, organize a river crossing, properly deploy the troops for combat before the enemy starts to blow them in pieces.

Counters Sample (values and colors still provisional)

All the elements of modern, mechanized warfare will be covered: Chemical and Nuclear weapons, Attack Helicopters, Combat Engineers, Electronic Warfare, counterbattery fire, ribbon bridges, specific army doctrines, reconnaissance units, Close Air Support coordination, etc. etc.

Additional details can be found on my Blog: War Without KIA

Game Components

  • 95×65 cm map, covering US V Corps area of responsibility
  • 800 – 1000 5/8″ counters
  • Order Cards
  • Event Cards
  • Rules Booklet
  • Scenario & Designer’s Notes Booklet
  • 2x Charts & Tables booklet
  • 2x 10-sided dice
  • 10x zipbags

Game Scale

  • Battalion / Regiment units
  • 2 hours per game turn
  • 5 km per hex

Price and Availability

Too early to set an exact price 🙂
Game should be available at the end of 2018 and will be probably printed in 800 copies.