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1985: Sacred Oil Mobilization Charts

Is your government a waste of space when it comes to visualize the Big Picture and decide a damn real strategy?

The 1985: Sacred Oil Mobilization Charts will help the Regional Commander-In-Chief to make himself abundantly clear about the assets that must be requested, mobilized, and committed.

What is needed, when is needed! No more endless arguments with politicians having neither the time, the training, nor the inclination for strategic thought.

1985: Sacred Oil Mobilization Charts, Soviet Union

1985: Sacred Oil Mobilization Charts, US Coalition

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1985: Sacred Oil – DEFCON 1



  1. At 19850628 0500 ZT Soviet troops crossed the USSR – Iran border
  2. At 19850628 0611 ZT, CV-63 BG attacked by SS-N-12 Sandbox vampires presumed launch by Soviet Echo II class Panther.
  3. CJCS declared DEFCON 1 at 19850628 0732 ZT.


  1. Connect to 1985:Sacred Oil equipment page
  2. Acquire the combat equipment


  1. Additional SITREP at this link. Ensure your comm equipment audio is ON.
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1985: Sacred Oil – Troops Are Assembling!

After weeks of mounting tension and sabre-rattling, troops are finally assembling for transport to the Persian Gulf.

According to Pentagon internal sources, Secretary of Defense Caspar Weinberger will announce DEFCON 2 within days.

Soviet General Secretary Andrei Gromyko, recently appointed after a military coup in Soviet Union, declared in a speech broadcasted by USSR state television that the American reaction to the unfolding events in Southwest Asia is “hysterical” and “a menace to the worldwide peace”.

More details on the operation can be found on the official 1985: Sacred Oil page.