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“Less Than 60 Miles” Players’ Gallery

As the photos published by players begin to appear, here’s the promised Players’ Gallery! I’ll add more as they arrive.

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“Less Than 60 Miles” Planning Map

No Commanding Officer could be successful without a complete, detailed map of the battlefield.
Intelligence Staff has prepared it in four versions, with and without Geographical Objectives.

Planning Map, with Victory Points. Click for full size
Planning Map, no Victory Points. Click for full size
Planning Map, Greyscale with Victory Points – Courtesy of Richard Lloyd
Click for full size
Planning Map, Lighter with Victory Points – Courtesy of Richard Lloyd
Click for full size
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BBG dives into “Less Than 60 Miles”

Some great play reports & info centered on “The Eleventh Hour” scenario…..brought to you by Kev Sharp of Big Board Gaming!

I suggest to start with this video, describing and evaluating several key elements of the system:

After that, you’ll find more details in the following posts:

  1. Command and Posture Notes
  2. To SNAFU or Not to SNAFU
  3. Recon on 27th Guards HQ
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Less Than 60 Miles – Living Rules

The latest version of Less Than 60 Miles rules is now available for download at the following link!

Also check the Rules’ sneak peek by Big Board Gaming, giving an overview and some hints:

Get them and get ready, or face the consequences on the battlefield.

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Less Than 60 Miles – DEFCON 1



At 19850724 0404 ZT Warsaw Pact forces crossed Inner German Border, supported by heavy air strikes and SF raids. Soviet 1st Echelon elements advancing toward Sontra, Bad Hersfeld, Hunfeld.

CJCS declared DEFCON 1 at 19850724 0427 ZT. US V Corps proceed as for OPLAN 33001.

Order Execution instructions at the following link:

Exclusive information on Rules Of Engagement at Kev Sharp’s Big Board Gaming:

SITREP and latest developments Video:


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Less Than 60 Miles – DEFCON 2

Production Print and Assembling reported as complete. Today at 1951 Zulu Time DEFCON has been raised to LEVEL 2.

According to SHAPE, possible scenarios in the imminent conflict are:

  • The Day That Never Comes: Three Warsaw Pact Armies against US V Corps
  • One Minute to Midnight: All-out chemical and nuclear warfare after several weeks of tension and build-up
  • The Eleventh Hour: The first desperate hours of US 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment
  • Steps of Our Fathers: West German 5th Panzer Division finds itself on the main attack axis
  • Spearhead: US 3rd Armored Division must stop 8th Guards Army and send reinforcements North

Complete photographic coverage of equipment and components detail follows.
Report for duty at the following BoardGameGeek link: