DEFCON and Mobilization – AKA New Products and Reprints

How in the Hell Do I Get a Copy?

1. During development, send an email to to Report for Duty. You will be added to the Reserved Copy list, no money, credit card or questions asked.
This phase usually lasts several months, with constant updates posted on the usual media and update emails sent to site subscribers.

2. As development proceeds and the outbreak of hostilities nears, DEFCON LEVEL will increase from the initial 5 to 2. Each DEFCON level change will be announced on the relevant social media.
Send that email, see point 1.

3. When everything is ready, Reserved Copy owners will receive a DEFCON 1 Executive Order (EXORD) containing a security code to access the order page, get the equipment and pay for it using PayPal.
Now it’s too late to send that email!

4. 96 hours later, DEFCON 1 will be declared publicly on the usual social media, and anyone will be able to access the page and order the equipment….until is Out of Stock.

So, if you really want a copy, waiting until phase 4 (or even later) could work but it is not a good plan.
Send that damn email earlier 🙂

This Makes No Sense! Why I Cannot Simply Buy a Copy, Period??

We have a limited number of copies and a very aggressive fan base. To have an idea of what that means in practical terms, try buying a ticket for a Metallica concert a couple of hours before the show starts.

Ok, I Reserve a Copy of All Your Future Games. Nailed It!

The People’s Secretariat For Statistical Analysis cannot accept generic, catch-all requests to reserve “every future game” as this defeats the primary, scientific reason of existence of the procedure: Counting how many people have a genuine Socialist enthusiasm for a specific upcoming operation, in order to commit the correct resources into it.

Why You Don’t Reprint? Are You Nuts? Bad Business Model!

We are a small publishing company, and mobilizing a new echelon (normally known as “Reprint”) has a significant impact on our limited time and resources…Also, having fun is important and reprints are usually not much fun.

Therefore, the Thin Red Line Games Central Committee for Resources Assignment has deliberated that priority is given to new offensive operations, while reprints are considered not essential for the war effort and are not guaranteed. Each single case will be evaluated based on ammunition levels and military contingencies (also known in the capitalist countries as “Available Time” and “Demand”).

With the above in mind, here is the tentative Operations schedule for the current Quinquennial Plan:

ModuleStatusPossible Mobilization TimeOperation Executive Order / Codename
1985: Sacred OilCEASEFIRE
(Sold Out)
12/30/2021CENTCOM EXORD 46-85
1985: Deadly Northern Lights 2nd EchelonCEASEFIRE
(Sold Out)
C3: Die Festung HamburgCEASEFIRE
(Sold Out)
12/31/2022NORTHAG EXORD 103-85
C3: Less Than 60 Miles 2nd EchelonCEASEFIRE
(Sold Out)
05/15/2023CUTTING EDGE
The Fate of AllCEASEFIRE
(Sold Out)