Special Offers

“1985: Under an Iron Sky” Playtest items

The original maps and counters used during playtest of the game could be yours for the incredible price of 40,000$.
Yes, ONLY forty thousands dollars. Not forty dollars. No jokes.

Available in 4, unique, exclusive copies signed by the game designer on the back side.
The deal of a lifetime!

  • 3x 95×62 cm Maps
  • 2x 32×22 cm maps
  • 8 Counter sheets, punched, unpunched and gnawed by cats.

If you’re interested in wasting your mo…, err acquiring this invaluable item, contact us at TheDealOfALifetime@TRLGames.com

Counter Sheet 02, Front
Counter Sheet 02, Rear
North Map Section, 4 more sections are included in the offer. Don’t miss it!