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Charles S. Roberts Awards 2022

Once again, we have a Charles S. Roberts Award Nominee!

Die Festung Hamburg has been nominated in the Best Hypothetical Wargame category, thus joining its brothers in arms in the C3 Series: Less Than 60 Miles (2019 Nominee) and The Dogs of War (2021 Nominee).

A big thank you to the C3 community, who made the series more and more visible and acknowledged, and to the CSR Board of Governors for the honour.

And if you want to taste the bitterness of modern operational warfare, a few copies of Less Than 60 Miles – 2nd Echelon are still available!

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SDHistCon Online 2023

Saturday, March 18th we will be at the San Diego Historical Convention Online.

We will run an exercise covering opposed river crossing, retrograde operations, interdiction, bombardment, and more. The scenario will use Die Festung Hamburg and will include the East German 8th Motorized Rifle Division and the BALTAP covering forces of West German 6. PanzerGrenadier Division.

The exercise starts at 17.03.2023 1800 Berlin Time (1000 PDT) and lasts 2 hours, including the time for singing the anthem of Union of the Soviet Socialist Republics and for doctrinal / political questions.

Enlist at this link! Participation is voluntary. Absences will be reported.

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C3 Combined Campaign – VASSAL Module

Forward Command Posts rarely have the space to unfold all the 1:20000 tactical maps needed for serious planning.

This VASSAL Module gives Army Group and Front Commanders what they need, when they need it. NORTHAG / Northern Front Sector 1, NORTHAG / Northern Front Sector 2 and CENTAG / Central Front Sector 1 are covered and can be used in every possible combination, allowing to plan and follow the battle in detail.

The module contains the complete setup for the July is the Cruellest Month campaign, and several useful additional features such as:

  • Formation Boundary lines
  • Movement Axis arrows
  • Victory Points markers
  • Warsaw Pact Echelon Planning

Deployment Procedure:

  1. Download the latest VASSAL version (3.6.12 or higher)
  2. Download and unzip the C3 Combined Base module
  3. Download and unzip the C3 Combined Extension module
  4. Open the C3 Combined Base module in VASSAL
  5. Add the C3 Combined Extension to the C3 Combined Base module
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Die Festung Hamburg – France POMCUS Committed!

As usual, we were keeping a small strategic reserve in Europe earmarked for emergencies and counterattacks.…..Tonight, SACEUR ordered to commit a significant part of it to the front.

Please be aware that:

  1. The equipment will be airlifted from France. Deployment to non-European fronts can be expensive (40+ Euros)
  2. France POMCUS is out of Field Manuals (the 8-pages examples booklet). The original booklet is downloadable here, and to make up for its absence each box will contain one extra 98×75 cm map of NORTHAG Sector 1, useful for planning / reserve / War Room poster.

SITREP UPDATE 20230130 1531ZT: Fighting definitively stopped on the whole front. There’s no survivors.