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1985: Sacred Oil – Troops Are Assembling!

After weeks of mounting tension and sabre-rattling, troops are finally assembling for transport to the Persian Gulf.

According to Pentagon internal sources, Secretary of Defense Caspar Weinberger will announce DEFCON 2 within days.

Soviet General Secretary Andrei Gromyko, recently appointed after a military coup in Soviet Union, declared in a speech broadcasted by USSR state television that the American reaction to the unfolding events in Southwest Asia is “hysterical” and “a menace to the worldwide peace”.

More details on the operation can be found on the official 1985: Sacred Oil page.

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1985: Sacred Oil – Gog and Magog, Chapter One

The following is a photo reportage covering the events of the 1985 conflict in the area defined by Pentagon as the “Southwest Asia theater”, most commonly referred to as Persian Gulf.
The reportage covers from June 12th, 1985, when the military build-up started, to June 29th, 1985, the first day of the Soviet offensive against Iran that ultimately led to World War Three.

Photos are taken from various sources, and comments or explanations are kept to a bare minimum.

Editor’s Note: If you wish to enlist for the 1985: Sacred Oil operation, Report for Duty by writing to Also, click on the pictures for full resolution.

June 12th, 1985: Soviet Union mobilizes forces in North Caucasus, Transcaucasus and Turkestan Military Districts
June 12th, 1985: Ilyushin-76 airlift reinforces Soviet bases in Ethiopia and South Yemen.
June 12th, 1985: Spetsnaz battalions are airlifted near the Iranian border by Mi-8 helicopters.
June 13th, 1985: US 7th Special Forces is airlifted to Diego Garcia
June 13th, 1985: The Shatt-Al-Arab front.
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1985: Sacred Oil Cards Sample

Some samples of the Event Cards for Sacred Oil, third and last module of the 1985 series!

Event Cards are used for diplomatic activities, covert operations, but first and foremost for force mobilization. As the Campaign has no predetermined Order of Battle, both sides will use Events to commit forces and try shaping the war theatre to their advantage. Most Events will raise Tension, allowing a broader choice of possible actions. In the end, the Soviet offensive in Southwest Asia will begin, and World War Three with it.

Approximately 80 cards will be included, ranging from mobilization of Turkestan Military District to Operation Cyclone.
Remember: to reserve a copy, report for duty by writing to!

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1985: Sacred Oil Counters Sample

As Soviet Union and US continue to amass troops in the Persian Gulf area, here’s a preview of some of the forces that could be involved in what now appears as an unavoidable conflict. According to CENTCOM internal sources, more details about the current developments will be made public in a few days.

If you want to help stopping the Red Tide or freeing the Arab countries from their post-colonialist oppressors, report for duty by writing to!

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