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Interpreting the Oracle – Part One

Ancient History has always been my other passion, and when I decided that a break was needed after 6 years of NATO vs Warsaw Pact, I had no doubts on the next subject: Alexander the Great, and his legendary campaign against the Achaemenid empire.

To my surprise, I discovered that the more you dig in Alexander’s history, the less certainties you have. This made the research phase even more interesting to me, as collecting and verifying data wasn’t enough: A real interpretation effort was needed.

Let’s see what I mean in practical terms. What follow is the first part of a work-in-progress diary detailing some interesting facts, evaluations, and decisions we encountered during development. As I said, in most cases uncertainty reigns sovereign, and the “most accepted theory” was followed – or in its absence, the most plausible one.

And remember, the Gods observe and judge your deeds. Send a Votive Tablet to to reserve your place in Perdiccas’ Phalanx!

The four maps of The Fate of All, in very low resolution
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The Fate of All – Ares is Watching

For several months we’ve kept Thin Red Line Games next project hidden. The only details shared publicly were the operation codename (HADES EMBRACE) and the secrecy level (NATO COSMIC SECRET, an official NATO term no matter how ridiculous it sounds). 

One month ago, some details have been disclosed on my personal blog. Now, the Auguries have determined that it is time to fully reveal the Will of the Gods.

Touch the mosaic below to know more, or enter this room. And don’t forget to send a Votive Tablet to to reserve your place in the Phalanx!