The Fate of All – Errata

Some minor errata that popped out after printing…Don’t hold your breath, nothing serious.

9.5 Combat Modifiers

Point 2 and 3 should read:

The difference is in the “all the Attackers”. It is possible for an army to cross a river or ferry, and attack in combination with another friendly army inside a city and already in the Defender’s hex. In that case, the River or Ferry modifier cannot be used by the Defender.

15. 6 Requisitions

The maximum number of Supply Points that can be requisitioned from a City is correctly indicated in the Rules Booklet (see 15.6), but a scribe copied the wrong values in the Tables Booklet. Needless to say, the scribe in question has been sold as slave and now works in a Thracian mine.

36. Movement

Hypaspists units (HY) have 4 Movement Points, as indicated in the Tables Booklet.