The Fate of All

Loosely inspired on SPI’s “The Conquerors”, The Fate of All is an operational / tactical simulation covering the first four years of the campaign led by Alexander the Great against the Achaemenid Empire ruled by Darius III.

The final goal is to give a realistic representation of ancient warfare, without strange salads of godly interventions, auguries and Homeric duels. In the end, players will find that the problems faced were similar to those encountered during the Napoleonic era or the American Civil War.

Counters will be 5/8″, each one representing a formation, from a Macedonian Phalanx Taxis (approx. 1500 soldiers) to a Cavalry Ile (200 – 300 mounted soldiers). Commanders and naval forces are also represented and will be key elements for the final victory.

Rules are centred on the problems of army organisation, supply and morale: Commanders are essentials, armies must be organised in a balanced way or they will move slowly, cavalry must be used for foraging, raid and reconnaissance, morale must be kept under control using sound military achievements or donations.

Political aspects are also a key element: Actions like Plundering and Sacking will have a negative impact on the local support by the ruling class and population, and both sides will have to use money or threats to gain it back. Last but not least, treason, revolts and dubious allies will be a problem too.

The four maps will cover Greece, part of the Balkans, Anatolia, Egypt and the Middle East up to Babylon. The scale is 30 km per hex with monthly turns.

The maps are designed using the latest archaeological studies and findings, but despite centuries of research several things are still only vaguely known: Some examples are the extension and path of the Persian Royal Roads, the location of several important cities and the exact route of Alexander’s Army. In these cases, the “most accepted theory” rule has been used.

Battles can be fought using Strategic Combat, still realistic but quicker, or to their full extent using the Tactical Rules and Map – probably the best choice for a decisive battle.

All the classical sources and several modern military-focused studies are being used during development. In particular, The Anabasis of Alexander by Arrian has been chosen as the main and most reliable classical source for two reasons: Arrian based most of his writing on the now lost Ptolemy’s account of the campaign, and he was himself a military commander, thus having a better understanding of the problems and key facts of a military campaign.

Last but not least, rules for solo playing the full campaign as Macedonian Faction will be included!


  • 4x 90×60 cm matte plasticized map, covering Greece, Anatolia and the Middle East.
  • 1x Battle Map
  • 1200+ 5/8″ matte plasticized counters
  • Action and Event Cards
  • Rules Booklet
  • Scenarios & Designers’ Notes Booklet
  • Strategikon Booklet, containing examples and suggestions for the Commanders
  • 2x Charts & Tables booklets
  • Player Aid Charts
  • 2x 10-sided dice
  • 10x zipbags

Game Highlights

  • The first four, decisive years of Alexander’s campaign
  • 30 km per hex, one month per turn
  • Units representing various formations, from Phalanx to Chariots
  • Order of battle and commanders based on primary sources and the most recent historical research
  • Realistic supply problems with realistic and possibly violent solutions
  • Cavalry Reconnaissance, Foraging and Raiding
  • Reaction Movement, not so easy retreats and catastrophic routs
  • Attrition and Army Morale, your first problems in the morning
  • Naval Warfare
  • Satrapies, Taxation and Bribes
  • Revolts, Treachery and worse

Price and Availability

Price has not been defined yet…but yes, glory does not come cheap.

If Zeus favours us, we will be ready to fight the oriental barbarians at the end of 2023.
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