1985: Sacred Oil


The Soviet offensive in the Persian Gulf

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“Iran active intervention into the sphere of relations between the Soviet Union and other socialist countries, its reiterated attempts to incite unrest in the Caucasian regions, its fanatical refusal to put an end to the prolonged conflict with Iraq, leave the Union of the Soviet Socialist Republics no other choice than the use of military force.”

Public Declaration of State Committee on the State of Emergency in the U.S.S.R.
Moscow June 28, 1985

1985: Sacred Oil covers the Soviet offensive in the Persian Gulf area, today recognized as the prelude to World War Three. Initially limited to Soviet Union, Iran and Iraq, the conflict quickly extended to other Arab countries, US and finally NATO and Warsaw Pact.

The complex Middle East political situation, the logistical problems and the distances involved are only some of the challenges both sides must face. Soviet Union must avoid an early full mobilization of the West, while United States and its allies must interpret Kremlin’s real intents and react in an appropriate manner.

As in the other 1985 modules, every aspect of a modern conflict is covered in detail. Sacred Oil raises the stake by having no fixed Order Of Battle and a field of action encompassing the whole globe.

Game Components

  • 6 Operational Maps, covering Southwest Asia from USSR Caucasian Republics to Oman and from Baghdad to the Strait of Hormuz.
  • 1 Strategic Map, covering the whole globe.
  • 80 Event Cards, used for mobilizing forces, diplomatic actions and special operations.
  • 2000+ counters, representing US, USSR, UK, France, Iran, Iraq and other countries forces.
  • 44 pages Rules Booklet
  • 40 pages Scenarios Booklet
  • 10 pages Field Manual with operational examples
  • 2 Tables booklets
  • 8 Player’s Aid Charts
  • 2 Dice

Game Highlights

  • Playable stand-alone or in combination with 1985:Under an Iron Sky and 1985: Deadly Northern Lights
  • Order of Battle and TO&E are not “generic”, but set exactly in June, 1985
  • No predetermined OOB: everything depends by the political and strategic decisions taken by both sides
  • 14km per hex, 48 hours per game turn
  • Division / Brigade / Battalion sized ground combat units
  • Special Forces, Airmobile, Paratroops, Electronic Warfare, Artillery, SSM, SAM and Air Defense Artillery units
  • Squadron sized Air and Helicopter units
  • Extensive air war rules covering Escort, Intercept, SEAD, Wild Weasel, Ground Strike and more
  • Surface Ships and Submarines, from single flag ships to groups of fast patrol missile boats
  • Realistic but flowing naval rules. Everyone here remembers the horror of TNW’s 12-turns naval phase
  • Specific operational tactics like Active Defense and Single-Echelon Assault
  • Tension period, where both sides mobilize their forces and try to gain allies in the region
  • Six different scenarios of increasing complexity:
    • And It Became Blood: USS CV-63 Kitty Hawk operations to shut down Soviet bases in Ethiopia and South Yemen
    • Behold a Great Red Dragon: The initial Soviet offensive in Northern Iran
    • And the Sea Gave Up the Dead: Soviet and US Forces clash for the control of Bandar Abbas
    • The Whore of Babylon: The July 1985 Iraqi offensive, taking advantage of a collapsing Iranian army
    • Gog and Magog: The full Persian Gulf campaign, from the initial growing tension to the final global conflict
    • To Shatter the Old World: Under an Iron Sky + Deadly Northern Lights + Sacred Oil combined campaign. Nothing can be worse.

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