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“Less Than 60 Miles” – Some tidbits

Work on Less Than 60 Miles is proceeding well on several fronts…Playtest, Designer’s Notes, graphics and more. 

Some fresh details on the scenarios already defined:

  • Scenario 1 – The Eleventh Hour 
    11th Armored Cavalry delay action against 8th Guards Army.
  • Scenario 2 – Steps of Our Fathers
    West German 5th PanzerDivision facing Warsaw Pact’s main thrust by 1st Guards Tank Army.
  • Scenario 3 – Spearhead
    US 3rd Armored Division must contain Soviet 8th Guards Army and send reinforcements North.
  • Campaign 1 – The Day That Never Comes
    After 40 years of planning and maneuvers, this is not a drill anymore.
  • Campaign 2 – One Minute To Midnight
    After weeks of growing tension, the nightmare of Nuclear conflict becomes reality.

On the graphics side, here’s a snapshot of several components at their final version…..Actually, I’ve learned that you can label a version as “Final” only after production print has been completed.

2 thoughts on ““Less Than 60 Miles” – Some tidbits

  1. are other independent combat arms battalions going to be included?
    as examples, the following are noted in many available on-line OoB’s
    for 8th Guards Army-
    119th Separate Tank Regiment (Bad Langensalza)
    325th Independent Engineer-Sapper Battalion – Merseburg
    900th Air Assault Battalion – Hasleben
    943rd Independent Anti-Tank Artillery Battalion – Altenburg

    1. Most of independent units at army and corps level are abstracted or incorporated in “main” units values.
      Sapper / Engineers forces and capabilities are used as points for river crossing, bridge demolition and defensive works.

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