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Less Than 60 Miles – Japanese Version

Thanks to Kaya Moriya, a complete Japanese version is now available! Rules, Field Manual, Tables, Cards, Ground Combat Chart and Markers’ Legend.

Kudos to Kaya for his extraordinary effort!

2 thoughts on “Less Than 60 Miles – Japanese Version

  1. A few points:

    1.) I just found out about this game and am absolutely excited (as fan of the assault series and German Service Member interested in the 80s) about this. Thank you so much.

    2.) I currently live in Japan. Since there is a Japanese Translation, it seems like there must be a group interested in this game here. If you could put me in touch with them, that would be fantastic.


    1. Hi LineOfDeparture,
      first of all, thanks for your interest!

      As you surely understand I cannot share or publish customers’ data, but I’ve written to the Tokio Grognard who translated the game and he’ll write you if he’s interested 🙂

      Hope this helps!

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