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Paris Is Burning

I’m happy to announce that Thin Red Line Games will attend the Paris Historical Game Convention, September 27 to 29.

We’ll bring the LAST EXISTING 1985:Under an Iron Sky copies (not sure how many yet), the remaining European Less Than 60 Miles copies (maybe 20), and some preview of our third game……1985: Deadly Northern Lights (concept art here below)!

Open de Paris des Jeux d’Historie 2019

5 thoughts on “Paris Is Burning

  1. Possible to book a copy of 1985:UAIS ?
    In that case i’ll drop by to pick it up and discover DNL.

    1. Hi Darthfab,
      I’ll try to keep a copy aside but should the popular pressure raise to threat level I’ll be forced to surrender it….
      I’m not sure this is a joke as we’ll offer 1985:UAIS at its standard price (160 euros), 150 euros cheaper than the current average price on the private market. Actually, a new copy of 1985:Second Echelon has been sold at 450 euros!

      1. Grazie mille.
        Or is there any way you send it after you tell me how to pay you (you can give me details on my email) ?

        1. Darthfab, any copy surviving Paris will be sold on our site, as usual. Fastest gun wins 🙂

          1. Fair enough !
            First to the game !
            I’ll be glad to meet you in Paris.

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