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1985: Deadly Northern Lights DEFCON 1


At 19850724 0404 ZT Warsaw Pact forces attacked NATO on a front going from Northern Norway to West Germany.
Assault supported by heavy air strikes and vertical assault operations. AFNORTH reports Soviet amphibious landings at Narvik, Tromsø.

CJCS declared DEFCON 1 at 19850724 0427 ZT. AFNORTH proceed as for CONOP 475/19 ANGRY ARROWHEAD.

SITREP and additional details at:


1985: Deadly Northern Lights is now available! Proceed to the product page before the new Soviet Military Directorate censors it.

14 thoughts on “1985: Deadly Northern Lights DEFCON 1

  1. I like the gas mask. Funny as hell. Great looking components. Looking forward to my shipping notice! *grin*

    1. Bought it in Italy some time ago….Nice Warsaw Pact memorabilia 🙂

  2. Should those of us who reserved a copy have gotten an email on how to order already? Also, want to make sure my reserved copy is actually reserved! : )

    1. Hi Michael: You should have received an email 48 hours ago. Regardless, if you have not purchased your copy yet go to the site NOW and buy it. If I understand Mr Vianello correctly , holders of reserved copies had those 48 hours to purchase. Now it’s first come first serve and half the print run has been sold. Buy now, review email problems later, buddy.

      1. Correct!

        1. I put in my order!

  3. I was wondering, is there a reason that an invasion of Finland was not included? Was it gameplay reasons or was the scenario deemed unrealistic?

    1. Actually, the invasion of finland is included should WP decide so:)

      Apart from invading the finnish territory represented on map or violating the Finnish air space, WP player may commit forces to Finland Front in order to achieve different objectives. Moreover, a violation of Finnish neutrality may trigger a limited Swedish intervention….

  4. Made my purchase as soon (almost) as I got the warning order 🙂

  5. Hey, don’t knock it! That gas-mask, a trusty AK4, and a shovel were my only defenses at the time when the U137 beached.

  6. Looking forward to this one. As a former serving Marine, 45 Commando Group RM. it will be interesting to play through what we were rehearsing for back in the mid 70s

  7. Any word on shipping dates yet?

    1. Michael,
      your order is still being processed by US Fulfillment agency….I know it’s hard to believe, but they had 136 order before yours. Also, Easter holidays 🙂 and COVID 🙁
      You should receive an email from ShipBob soon, containing your tracking number.

      1. Sounds good! Can’t wait to get my hands on another one of your incredible products! I’m already looking forward to Sacred Oil and the next installment of the less than sixty miles series!

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