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1985: Deadly Northern Lights – Missing In Action

The Problem

In this troubled time of biological attacks and remote working, we’ve been hit too. Two charts are missing from the box. No excuses, my fault.

The missing charts are used during Air Superiority and Interception Combat. It’s possible to play without them, but they come handy for placing the squadrons during combat and add an extra touch. Here’s a picture of what I’m talking about:

The Temporary Solution

Here’s the two missing charts in PDF version, ready to print and use in your campaigns.

The Real Solution

We’re going to ship the two missing charts to everyone, of course free of charge. Just give us the time to organize, I’ve already taken the first steps and we should be ready in a few days.

Again, sorry for the problem 🙁
Fabrizio Vianello
Thin Red Line Games

10 thoughts on “1985: Deadly Northern Lights – Missing In Action

  1. Also- For those that own UAIS and want to use the chart, your other quick fix is using theirs, and noting pilot ratings.

  2. I can almost hear the moment you guys discovered this…

    “Ma che cazzo!?”

    This only exhibits your desire to adhere to good after-sales service practices. Well done! 🙂

    1. Steve, that’s exactly what I said!! Better forget what came after that 🙂

  3. Nice to know. I was going to purchase the box, it will be wise for me to wait ?
    or the new boxes have already the missing chart ?

  4. Sorry, I posted this to the wrong comments section… *blush*

    The links for the displays both show the same file. I’m sure it doesn’t matter much, but just to let you know… 🙂

    1. Steve, they’re actually slightly different….background and top colour of airsup boxes 🙂

      1. Are they both supposed to have box numbering starting at 9? Both links point that particular chart…

        I’ll look again, though… I’ve been wrong before. 🙂

        1. I just noticed that the watermarks are different, but the set of boxes on top are both from 9 to 16.

          As I said, it’s not a concern, but I just thought I’d let you know. 🙂

          1. but the set of boxes on top are both from 9 to 16.

            As they should be 😉

        2. Yep, both sides have airsup boxes numbered from 9 to 16. 1 to 8 aƕe used in 1985:Under an Iron Sky

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