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1985: Under an Iron Sky Polish Rules!

A Polish version of 1985: Under an Iron Sky rules, thanks to Grognard Emeritus Tomasz Engielski!

Japanese, French, Polish…..We’re still missing the Russian version 🙂

3 thoughts on “1985: Under an Iron Sky Polish Rules!

  1. But Italian language…it’s very difficult? Another Italian producers publishing a rules in Italian…….I’m a little disappointed for this

    1. Giuseppe, our rules are written directly in English as the developing team is formed mostly by English-speaking people. All the translations (Japanese, French and Polish) are made for free by Grognards who volunteered. Producing an Italian version would raise the developing time….and the final price for everyone. We’re too small for that, sorry!

  2. In Soviet Russia, wargame rules translate you!

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