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1985 Series – Overview Video

Theatre Commander Fredrik Voss prepared an informative report covering several important operational and strategic aspects of the 1985 series!

For this commendable effort, he will be awarded with the Order of Lenin by the General Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union during the forthcoming Victory Parade, date still to be defined.

No matter if you have been fighting for days on the Central Front, you’ve just debarked at Bodø, or you are entrenched at Bandar Abbas, take a look at this video and increase your chance to survive the ordeal!

In case enemy electronic warfare is blocking the direct access to YouTube, use this link.

9 thoughts on “1985 Series – Overview Video

  1. Stop teasing us, for those of us that want to buy the three 1985 games when are they being reprinted?

    1. We can only hope that in 2024 the Central Commitee for Resource Assignment will decide on this!

  2. I just watched your video on the 1985 Series. Very interesting. Does the making of this video imply that the games will be reprinted?

    1. I’m afraid that’s not the case…the video has been made by Fredrick Voss, without directives from the Central Commitee for Resource Assignment.

  3. If Alexander the Great was still alive, he would ask for a 1985 trilogy reprint.
    Hé hé.

    1. 😀 😀 😀

  4. Any development plans on the next C3 game? I suppose it would be the southern border of LT60M?


    1. Yep, module #4 of the C3 series will roughly cover the US VII Corps Area of Responsibility. We will begin development right after the release of “The Fate of All” 🙂

      1. Good news, thanks, fabrzio.


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