The Dogs of War


The 1985 Warsaw Pact offensive in the BAOR sector.

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“The goal is to collapse adversary’s system into confusion and disorder causing him to over and under react to activity that appears simultaneously menacing as well as ambiguouschaotic, or misleading.”

John R. Boyd, “Patterns of Conflict”

At 0400 Zulu Time, July 24 1985, Warsaw Pact forces cross the Inner German Border and assault NATO positions in West Germany. The main thrust, formed by ten Soviet Category I Divisions, is in the BAOR sector and points directly to the Ruhr area.

Taking its roots from SPI’s “Central Front” and “NATO: Division Commander”, The Dogs of War is the second module of the C3 series, focused on Command, Control and Communication and pioneered by Less Than 60 Miles – one of the five nominees for the 2019 Charles Roberts Awards as Best Post-WW2, Cold War, & Hypothetical Era Board Wargame.

Several typical wargame mechanics have been reinterpreted, and both sides will fight three equally dangerous foes: the enemy, their own plan and time. Even a simple action can quickly turn into a disaster when facing an opponent using more efficiently the real key to victory: the OODA Loop theorized by John Boyd in the early ‘80s and used today as the basis for several military doctrines.

All the elements of modern mechanized warfare are covered: Chemical and Nuclear Weapons, Attack Helicopters, Engineers, Electronic Warfare, Counter-battery Fire, Ribbon Bridges, Army Doctrines, Reconnaissance units, Close Air Support coordination and more. Military doctrine, tactics and peculiarities for each side are represented, allowing a skilled commander to use his own strength points and exploit the enemy’s weak ones. Some examples are:

  • West German Auftragstaktik (Mission-Type Orders), giving Bundeswehr a flexibility hardly obtained by other armies.
  • British Engineers, allowing extensive use of prepared defense positions.
  • BAOR logistic deficiencies and ammunition shortage.
  • Soviet Sappers, first-line assault units used to crack the toughest nuts.
  • Soviet Assault From March doctrine.
  • Warsaw Pact vulnerable supply network.

Game Highlights

  • 5 km per hex, 3 hours per game turn

  • Regiment / Battalion sized ground units
  • Detailed Order of Battle set in July, 1985
  • Close Air Support and Attack Helicopters
  • Command, Control & Communication related problems
  • Electronic and Intelligence Warfare
  • Artillery interdiction and Counter-Battery fire
  • Chemical and Nuclear warfare
  • Specific events for Warsaw Pact and NATO
  • Random events to further increase battlefield chaos
  • Two Campaign games:
    • The River Weser Deep and Wide, Warsaw Pact offensive in BAOR sector.
    • One Minute to Midnight, unrestricted nuclear warfare after days of build-up.
  • Four smaller scenarios:
    • Welcome to Braunschweig, West German 2 Panzer Brigade defense of the city against Soviet 35th Motorized Rifle Division.
    • They Came Before Dawn, Soviet 76th Guards Airborne assault to key crossings on Weser and Leine rivers.
    • Give Me the Night, British 1st Armoured Division fight to slow down Soviet 3rd Shock Army assault.
    • Queen’s Gambit, British 3rd Armoured Division counter-attack at D+4.
  • Playable alone or in combination with “Less Than 60 Miles”. Are you man enough for 300 km of World War Three front line?
  • Optional and unforgiving Campaign victory conditions, completely ignoring unmanly arguments about “unbalanced play”. It’s all or nothing.

Game Components

  • 98×56 cm matte plasticized map, covering BAOR Area Of Responsibility and surrounding areas.
  • 7 countersheets, 1200+ 5/8″ matte plasticized counters
  • 45 Action and Event Cards
  • 28 pages Rules Booklet
  • 36 pages Scenarios and Designers’ Notes Booklet
  • 8 pages Field Manual with operational examples
  • 2x Tables Booklets
  • 5x Players’ Aid Charts
  • 2x 10-sided dice
  • 10x Zipbags

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