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CENTAG Running Out of Reserve Troops


At 1853 20190822 ZT CENTAG warned that reserve troops assigned to US V Corps Area Of Responsibility are dangerously low, and no reinforcements are expected in the foreseeable future.

Combined CONUS + EUCOM reserves for Less Than 60 Miles now amount to 80 copies, with EUCOM strategic situation rapidly deteriorating.


2 thoughts on “CENTAG Running Out of Reserve Troops

  1. I own a retail book and game store in Minnesota. I was unable to find a distributor for your games. Can you tell me a source for them. If you have no distributor can I order direct from you for resale?

    1. Hi John,
      thank you for the interest but we have no distributors nor retailers….The only exception has been a game shop in Paris as we moved in France recently and I wished to boost the “local” market 😉


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