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1985: Under an Iron Sky Unboxed Edition

The remnants of the once proud Red Army are now launching a final, desperate offensive against NATO.

1985: Under an Iron Sky Unboxed Edition is now available, in a very limited number of copies. Actually, it could be already over as we speak. (Edit: It is!)

You can find more details and deliver the final blow at the following link:
1985: Under an Iron Sky Unboxed Edition

5 thoughts on “1985: Under an Iron Sky Unboxed Edition

  1. Any chance of another reprint? I missed out on this and Second Echelon, but would be interested in a copy if you decide to do a third production run. Thanks, Charlie

    1. I’m sorry Charlie, no chances of a reprint.
      All I can say is that, after all the three modules of the 1985 universe have been released, we’ll probably launch the deluxe “1985: Mutual Assured Destruction” edition: 15 maps, 20+ countersheets and ad─Ćitional rules.

      As you may imagine, it will not be cheap ­čÖé

      1. Whats the third module gonna be?!?

        1. The working title is “1985: The Cradle of War”, covering the Soviet offensive in the Middle East. One of the most interesting facets of this front is the ongoing Iran-Iraq war, where everybody (US and USSR included) is supporting Iraq.

  2. That sounds excellent! Can’t wait to hear more about it.

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